Thursday, April 26, 2012

Official overspend...

No, not the news Ed Balls has been yearning for*, but that the European Commission has spent 315,000 quid on a redesign of its logo that "was so similar to the old design that it went virtually unnoticed when it was changed six weeks ago" says Bruno Waterfield in the DT. The cost for the graphic designer and artwork was £110,000 but "the bill for replacing the various logos used by the Commission added another £215,000 to the cost of a redesign". EU officials insist that it is a saving because the confusion with of hundreds of departmental logos had been £3.7 million over recent years...oh, OK. NOT!

* although it was to some** extent a surprise and is already being doubted.
** but the UK economy has been 'bumping along the bottom' for a while.

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Paul said...

One feature of the last quarters results that has been almost completely ignored is the fact that because bankers bonuses were down there was a shortfall on budgeted tax income of £550 million.

I have my doubts about the double dip as well because everybody I have spoken to since Christmas has been saying how well things are going.

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul, yep that's my feeling too although some things are quite bad apparently the construction sector and the two friends that I have in that are rushed off their feet.