Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Overseas offensive...

The Orwellian internet, email, text, social media surveillance bill is really EU Big Brother. And Pastygate/the Pasty tax? Well, there's something fishy ("an ECJ judgement that could cost him billions if not addressed") and it won't get reversed, the EU doesn't allow it. What about the postal charge rises - another thing people are getting upset over - well, guess what? "Royal Mail is suffering because of its willingness to comply with EU postal service directives"; that's from three years ago but we were reminded at the weekend and once again EUReferendum reminds us of the Elephant in the letter box.

OK, there are still home-made crises (Granny tax -over which most of the MSM lied - and Cruddasgate) but just how much of the shit that the UK is being made to swallow originates in the EU?

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