Sunday, June 17, 2012

Olid offal...

Bill Lockhart comments: "The double-spacing does at least serve to emphasis the utter vacuity of this simpering dross". I have to agree; in a way I don't blame Ed for the speech, these grey suits get their words written for them by other grey suits (and is just as dire in the other parties...the MSM have made politicians think they need to spout this shite). However, even more than the 'simpering dross', the patent hypocrisy shines through.


Paul said...

The funny thing reading that is you would have thought it was May 2010 and Labour were trying to get back in after 13 years in opposition. Ultimately I suppose all politicians, even some Conservative ones, try to be pragmatists once out of office.

I think this sort of approach by Balls can only work with Labour supporters who by nature want change over a shorter period of time whilst followers of other parties have, until the last six months, tended to take a long time about any radical change to party politics.

Span Ows said...

I think any sort of approach by Balls is wrong, I can't understand why they don't hide him. To me he is as toxic as Brown.

Also, I am waiting for any of the media to start on Ed Miliband, maybe once he starts to get a bit popular they'll bring out all the Brown/ Miliband photos and legislation (the DECC energy one being a prime candidate)