Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hardly a surprise really what with shoulder-chips and a heightened sense of entitlement (am I being too hard on them?). Just as Plebgate (Gategate) fades we have another media feeding frenzy but hopefully slapped down in good time. Another silly Twitter frenzy about George Osborne is still being widely reported despite being shown to be not only a storm in a teacup but also complete pants as the Chancellor's Office and Virgin Rail concurring statements have shown.

Hat-tip (and image) Conservative Home. Gravy Train numbers: Sunday Telegraph.


Paul said...

First class rail travel is well worth it, if you book far enough in advance it can be as little as £5 more than the standard fare.

Thought George's assistant was a bit up herself when she (reportedly) said, "he can't possibly move". And well done to the Inspector for not taking any "do you know who I am?" crap.

According to the Times the backbench are now in open revolt.

Span Ows said...

I agree. Not done a lot of train travel but the earlier the better and 1st is very VERY nice. :-)

Also, if truth be known I think Ministers (at least, maybe not all MPs) SHOULD go 1st class especially if they're working.

Anonymous said...

It has long been known that politicians buy standard rail tickets and then claim for the cost of the first class tickets they are entitled to. They bank on the train inspectors being so overwhelmed at being in the presence of one of the great and good that they allow them to stay in first class. If they have to pay the difference, plus a small fine, one or two times a month, they are still quids in at thend of the accounting period. F*cking parasites, most of 'em!

Span Ows said...

You're right anon, they're all at it and the MEPs are worse!