Monday, October 22, 2012

Outrage outlaws...

Well said Rowan! And well said Cranmer (hat-tipped) who writes "Criminal law rightly protects individuals against unjust discrimination, incitement and violence. But it is unacceptable that it has moved into areas of annoyance, disturbance and inconvenience. The law should punish violence or the threat of violence; it should not be used to protect us from having our feelings hurt, especially since people may manifestly choose of their own volition to be offended."

Ahhhh (sighs), who can forget Constable Savage; another was the vicar on gay Christians, "God hates poofs"...those and other favourites HERE. The Conservative party Conference: "Like we understand young criminals, another very emotive issue. This party feels that we've been just a little too soft on these... bastards. ...If [electric shock treatment] doesn't work? Then of course we will be more than prepared to revert to old liberal wishy-washy socialist Nigger-loving Red left-wing homosexual commie ways of the recent past. But please, let's have a chance!"

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