Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ohm's ovoid offensive...

Hilarious and so true: James Delingpole (he of Watermelons fame amongst other things) in the DT on "The great wind terror: we name the guilty man"...go on, you knew didn't you? JD is talking about "the North London Marxist trustafarian ovoid who was, as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, more responsible than any man or weird egg-creature alive for establishing the framework for Britain's disastrous wind policy." The very same; the one that is responsible for "One of the best-kept secrets of British politics" (well not so secret these days): the most expensive piece of legislation ever - by far - put through Parliament. Anyway, the Business Green website's article highlights 'Ed Miliband's blistering attack on the government's green record'; Ohm's comment below that article is quoted in JD's blog. Miliband now seeks to draw a clear green line between red and blue (and I don't man the current watered down blue with yellow). Would that be popular?


Paul said...

Following your links its easy to see why this is a complete waste of time from any lobbying of the publics point of view. Look at all the numbers quoted in the various articles and comments. As your hero JR mentions in his article about the BBC people presenting the facts should understand the facts, that's a given but the greater public majority don't understand them anyway.

I've got a post in me somewhere this week about the offshore windfarm down here which would be funny if it weren't so expensive.

Like the melon picture btw.

Span Ows said...

You're certainly right about that, if the presenters did understand the facts it would at least be the right thing but 80 to 90% of the listeners/readers would be none the wiser.

The offshore farms look good from the air, no doubt they producing enough for the coastguard's kettle.