Sunday, December 30, 2012

Obama offers...

...are not what they seem: he is simply out to make sure the GOP gets blamed, whatever the outcome. "If letting part of a scheduled tax increase take effect counts as Republicans’ “giving in” on taxes, why doesn't letting a scheduled reduction in projected spending take effect count as Democrats’ giving a little on spending?". Not sure the BBC and Mark Mardell would like you upsetting their Obama narrative. 'In The Corner' Mark Steyn writes Re: Something for Nothing: "Notwithstanding Ramesh’s technical characterization of what’s happening [2nd link and quote above], it’s utterly ridiculous that an advanced society cannot say what its tax rates will be in 48 hours’ time." It's hard not to agree with that. Image and fiscal cliff 101 from Nov on Liberty Insight blog.

Update: hat-tip Tyler at ZeroHedge: 'Boehner: President Obama Should Lead, Not Cast Blame' [Link]:
“Americans elected President Obama to lead, not cast blame. The president’s comments today are ironic, as a recurring theme of our negotiations was his unwillingness to agree to anything that would require him to stand up to his own party. Needed cuts and reforms that the president agreed to just last year were no longer on the table, as he cited an inability to sell them to Democrats."

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