Monday, December 03, 2012

Opt out online?...

No. Labour betraying their supporters, again: Labour Using Milly Dowler to Harvest Election Data; 'a section of the party website features Maddie McCann and Milly Dowler, asking people to pledge their support' [Guido]. See image left, click to enlarge. If you do not wish to be contacted you have to write to them! And then presumably they'll have your address too! They also lie, in black and white by saying that Leverson fully implemented is the way to a 'truly free press'. Lies. And, according to the Daily Mail, Tom Watson (is he a big, fat, ugly liar? Honest question) "has been authorised to use Labour’s databases to email all party members telling them to back the petition"...he is reported as saying "We will bring to bear every resource, call in every promise, rattle every skeleton in every cupboard. This [betrayal] is a step too far by Cameron... "Cameron wants to sell out to Rupert Murdoch and powerful press interests because he is scared, and he is weak. But that is why he cannot succeed – because he is weak. And he is wrong." I guess that confirms he's...just mistaken (and on some things a few months behind Owsblog, hehehe). The petition, by the way, where, apparently, the number of signatures grows and grows can be signed as many times as you like using whatever name...repeatedly. Fraser asks "how real this petition is...
"...Or how much they (or the BBC) care how real the names are. The war is still going on – and some are still fighting for a Leveson world where a government-validated pious elite (like the folk in the Media Standards Trust, which begat Hacked Off) oversees the press."
Update: an example of what is at stake and Labour's hypocrisy and utter contempt for hoi polloi and disregard for press freedom; who will do anything for their own political gain including endanger every citizen by gagging the media.


Anonymous said...

I went on Danny Alexander MP
Chief Secretary to the Treasurys website

Pressed the butoon on left
“Make a Donation”

and paid 9 [nine] pence into his account using PayPal.

I urge everyone to send tuppence to Danny.

Span Ows said...

I'm sure he's grateful!

Paul said...

I agree this is serious but I did have to smile when 'Guido' wrote about using false names. Tom Watson will go away eventually and then you can head a post 'OMG, that fat **** has gone.'

Actually on another serious note I heard a discussion at the weekend, and again this morning about bloggers having to use their real names or at least identify themselves on their blogs, just call me Rula.

Span Ows said...

LOL! Yes well I keep signing things to keep the Internet free and open, not sure it's the same thing but every now and then I am asked to merge Span with some other guy that has a connected g-mail/YouTube account.