Friday, December 21, 2012

Oxyopia orthosis...

Well it's here, the end of the 13th Baktun...from that link (along with all the date calculations): "The Maya were a very advanced civilization: outstanding architects "they built the tallest pyramid in the world, La Danta at El Mirador, ['prepare to be amazed'] not surpassed in height until the first skyscraper was erected in 1885...."They were excellent astronomers -their calculations of the solar year have been the most precise of all human history until the invention of very modern instruments of space exploration. They were stunning mathematicians - invented the combined use of the positional numeral system and the zero, centuries before any other civilization." And they predicted 'it will be the end' this 13 Baktun (December 21, 2012). The news already is "the end" is a myth but - presuming our 24 hour/day units are compatible - we don't know yet: the Maya were in Central America so at least 6 hours time difference and we'll have to wait until the end of their day before we really by 6 a.m. on 22/12/12 in the UK well know...if we wake up. Then again, maybe that Maya guy just meant 'it will be the end...of this calendar, make a new one*'!

* They're cyclic anyway so don't end...d'oh.


Anonymous said...

Problem is with IE as I am posting this via Mozilla!

Baktun, how complicated is that? If it all ends tomorrow how will we know?

Span Ows said...


Yep, I tried via a friend's on Saturday night and we had a problem not loading then going down having to close the page (other tabs open and no problems so it wasn't crashing but not good either way.

Span Ows said...

Not sure if THIS is the issue:

With Blogger code written for Internet Explorer V8 / V9, people who use Internet Explorer V7 - or use V8 / V9 that runs as if V7 (with "Compatibility View" enabled) - are having problems using the New Blogger GUI.

The most popularly recommended solution for problems like the White Screen Of Death has been to switch back to the Classic GUI. A more effective long term solution, for people using Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode, would be to stop using Compatibility Mode.
From the Internet Explorer menu, select "Tools" - "Compatibility View Settings".
In Internet Explorer, click on the "broken page" icon, at the end of the address bar.
Remove "" from the "Compatibility View Settings" list.

Span Ows said...

Yep, definitely seems it is something to do with Compatibility Mode with new IE (9), apparently there were similar problems with IE7.

Interesting stats, IE are losing 10% a year every year: HERE or