Saturday, January 19, 2013

Orange offal...

Meatgate trundles on and Dutch meat companies will be quaking in their shoes this weekend as 'Food standards officials in Ireland have asked their Dutch counterparts to investigate 'several companies' in connection with the [horse meat in beef-burger] scandal'. The guilty companies that supplied the extra ingredient as filler are thought to be from The Netherlands. They'll be all-a-shiver at the fear of the maximum €1,050 fine that could await them [DT] . Tesco have said they will get to the bottom of the scandal but I doubt that because the bottom (or rump) is worth a whole lot more than the body parts that will be making up the burger-filler (see what I did there?). The fact that this has probably been going on for years just makes the comments by stupid wankers (final part of video from 55 seconds) at  trying to blame Coalition cuts as just more fuckwittery. That said, the scandal has moved on to more worrying aspects that is sure to upset many more people than the cross-species meat contamination; aspects that can and should be controlled by us. Update: Tops marks to Anna - not for the oddly disturbing shortened-horse video-clip at the top of her post, nor for the very sensible (but unspoken) question of  whether anybody was inquiring what the other 71% in Tesco’s Value Added Burgers was - but for the wonderful "It’s not just Tesco’s either, there’s My Lidl Pony…"


Paul said...

Didn't realise you had posted this before I posted mine - although I should have known you would have something to say! Strange relationship with horses in this country. Interesting letter in the Independent yesterday about declining standards in various aspects of food hygiene - none of which have anything to do with coalition cuts.

Having worked in the food industry as a teenager and now having clients in the food chain at various stages I know that most causes of animal distress have nothing to do with financial affairs but general ignorance over animal welfare.

Span Ows said...

No worries Paul we are allowed to write about the same things! :-)

Ignorance, insensitivity and greed.