Friday, March 08, 2013

Olamic odorivector...

Apologies in advance if you think I'm going to be kind to Krusty just because his funeral is today. With the gathering of thousands and more than 30 heads of state in Caracas we hear that, like some other good-old-boys (Russia's Vladimir Lenin, North Korea's Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh and China's Mao Zedong) before him, Krusty is to be embalmed.

I certainly hope they had this idea before yesterday because as experts will tell you, they 'may have a difficult time preserving Mr. Chavez's body unless the right chemicals were injected immediately after death, "This is not something you do two or three days after someone dies"'. said Colombian embalming expert Camilo Jaramillo; he also said that the process for preserving a body for the long-term is different than embalming a corpse for a few days or weeks,"If they have done this on a temporary basis, they may have a hard time doing it for the long term, because it's a different set of chemicals".

Of course, today the smell may not be from the body: it's hot and the standing water doesn't smell too good either.

Update: Oh dear, 'Se nos apagó la candelita' Elton, FFS. And speaking of bodies: ABC claims coffin was empty! Hat-tip Caracas Chronicles.
Update 2: the same night, while the country is in mourning and the world and the world's press and visiting dignitaries were focused on the funeral, the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia committed to Constitutional fraud: Ripe Nick swore to obey and defend the Venezuelan Constitution by abusing the Constitution. Capriles speaks out. [edit] Ex-Minister of Science and Technology (ahem) Jorge Arreaza sworn in as the new executive vice-president...oh, just a coincidence, but he's Krusty's son in law (one of many 'gifted' relations) 


Paul said...

"We are now going to have a tropical Lenin" Has to be my favourite quote of the week!

Span Ows said...

hahaha. Indeed.