Monday, July 29, 2013

Opus on odium...

It's been a while since I posted anything on Venezuela but this was too good to ignore: Nick Ripe has signed a decree to form a 'Hugo Chavez Institute for Advanced Studies'; this isn't just an institute with Krusty's name but the 'Instituto de Altos Estudios del Pensamiento de Hugo Ch├ívez' (The Institute for Higher Studies of the Thoughts of Hugo Chavez [El Universal]) to further the study and dissemination of ideas, the legacy and values ​​of Hugo Chavez...hmmm. And who better than Adan Chavez (Krusty's brother and the governor of Barinas state where the Institute will be, and who was Minister of education) to 'run' it.  "First, the profound thinkers to study Chavez opus will have to sift through insults, vulgarity and parables to find some substance..." ..."Still, let's be optimistic and hope that such an advanced institute may finally shine some light on the tortuous and vile mind of Chavez." hat-tip Daniel.

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