Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obganiation overcomes obscurantism...

No memory whatsoever...
Still paying and for how long? The arch vampire has really never left the scene (look at the peace in the ME for instance...hah!) but sometimes his episodes do chime with what is right, which is also to say that they chime with what I think :-) Notasheep directs us to this piece by Michael Savage in The Times (£) about TB (no, the one without the cull going on): "Labour should have made cuts to public spending before the financial crisis hit Britain" Tony Blair has admitted; he said that he regretted not following through on a plan [known as the Fundamental Savings Review] to weed out billions in unnecessary and wasteful spending in 2005." A planned killed off by Crash Gordon, Ed Milliband and Ed Balls (names you may recognise).

More to agree with: Blair added "I advise any young person who wants to go into politics today: go and spend some time out of politics. Go and work for a community organisation, a business, start your own business — do anything that isn't politics for at least several years"; [edit 6pm] as I wrote four years ago - considering the proliferation of a certain type of Old Oxfordian - I'd go further: this should even be a specific, obligatory requirement: " seems to me to be more urgent now - rather than just important - that any new MPs should have actually "lived" before joining the ruling elite."

obganiate v. - to irritate with reiteration
obscurantism n. - prevention of enlightenment [Luciferous Logolepsy]


Paul said...

Had to laugh at my own post from 2009 which isn't a good sign.

Problem with TB (not the one being culled) is that you don't actually join the 'ruling elite' you are either born into it (Conservative) or acquire the status through union supported positions (Labour) which in theory should come through having done a proper job but no longer do.

You don't have a choice of birth parents but there are some who clearly don't have to work to hard to move, not very far, up the social ladder.

I wonder if TB will do the same as Robert Maxwell and give all his money away leaving his kids to make their own way.

You would love your 'please prove you're not a robot' sign in for this post - looks like xecu*t!

Span Ows said...

LOL. Agree re the privilege etc, and interesting point about Blair's money, the answer is no IMHO.