Monday, October 21, 2013

Okinawan option...

Hmmm...are the best ways of promoting World Vegan Month really making meat look so tasty? maybe. 'Sexy vegan' Shayna Weisz says:
"Purging our diets of meat, eggs and dairy products will help to safeguard our health, reduce our carbon footprint and save the lives of many animals every year"
Naturally I disagree entirely. An alternative would be eat less, exercise more and slow down (chill!) [research pdf].


Paul said...

What annoys me (or perhaps irritates me) is the idea that if we don't eat meat or dairy products we will save lives, as if it's an absolute. What will happen is that domesticated animals won't be bred because we won't have any use for them.

It's the same story with the anti-hunt, anti-race horse brigade stop them completely and there won't be the need for the horses or the hounds or the jobs of those people involved either - sexy vegans are like every other zealot on the planet.

Span Ows said...

Agree with you Paul.

List of veggie food:
nuts, crackers, bananas, fruitcakes.

Paul said...

Brilliant! Best laugh I've had today, thanks.