Sunday, December 08, 2013

Objuragtion of once...

Snouts in the trough: the pigs in the image are happily eating their daily ration, heads down, no interest in what is around them; you can't think ill of the pigs for that, it's all they get. Those in parliament also have their heads in the trough with no interest in what is around them, but they want more, much more. The 'once' in the title is really "on-ce", eleven, an 11% pay-rise for UK Members of Parliament. "A Whitehall source said the 'across the board' reform would not cost taxpayers more. Funding for the salary increase would come from cuts to MPs' pension schemes that go far deeper than published proposals" [Link] PAH! That's OK then is it? I doubt many will see it that way and it is also a FUCKING LIE. There are too any MPs and they are mostly liars, thieves, corrupt, useless self-serving fuck-wits (no, really). Don't get me wrong, any good MP deserves a salary of 74K (£6167/month), more, make it higher... but they also claim 36K on personal expenses (£3000/month) and I doubt very much whether they penny-pinch about how and what they spend it on. We're not finished: PLUS they also get over 114K for staff expenses (£9525/month); you guessed it, 24% (155 out of 650) of them employ direct family members; how many of the rest employ friends and acquaintances probably not suited or best for these jobs? Who checks who is getting paid what? Those figures are for the year 2012/13 ending April this year; they are 7% HIGHER than the year before. Those nice members are really holding back, aren't they? Of COURSE it is costing taxpayers more.

Update: just to be clear: those personal and staff expenses are of course average figures; there are saints and sinners.


Paul said...

I think you make a good point about the salary that a surprising number of people would agree with but as you say it is all the 'add-ons'. £74,000 is not a huge salary for the responsibility but them as you have shown there is all the extra bunce, not to mention those items declared or not in the members interests.

The family members point is so right as well, unfortunately all of them get tarred with same brush.

Span Ows said...

Thing is, cynic that I am, I suspect most are tarred deservedly but then you look at what happens when they enter for the first time and are given lessons on how and what to claim based on the premise that they should be getting more.