Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our oblectation...

Talk of floods and cold and climate change and energy bills etc is one thing (and certainly a bummer when it affects you personally) but the truth is that the good news far outweighs the bad...FAR outweighs: "It’s a story that no one organisation or government can take credit for – and a story that doesn't particularly suit anyone’s agenda. But the story is there, for those with an eye to see it." Fraser Nelson at The Spectator on "The biggest shocker of 2013? That it really is a wonderful world": deaths from disease, war, extreme weather etc are minuscule compare to previous decades mainly due to money and spreading it about 'via a system known by its detractors as global capitalism'.

Still - pissing on any fireworks that good news may have launched - will this only accelerate us towards our end?

Update: ...and this won't help!


Paul said...

The population debate is interesting (doesn't really do it any justice does it) because back in the 1960's there was a US report that stated the UK would cease to exist beyond 2050 due to the falling birth rate - now look! Conspiracy theorists can have a field day with that.

I'm all for more good news, being downbeat causes stress which causes cancer which causes death - things are tough enough being a West Ham supporter without worrying too much about things beyond my control.

Paul said...

P.s - first time ever the 'prove you are not a robot' facility featured numbers only. Just wanted to tell somebody.

Oooh - and again 10 numbers required for this post.

Span Ows said...

The UK may still cease to exist! due to a number of factors. Numbers are good :-)