Monday, March 17, 2014

Obscurantist Owen's obstrobogulous offensive...

Offensive in more ways than one: on the one hand his attack is using the exact tactic he claims 'the Right' are using by his ludicrous statement that "the claim of [BBC] 'liberal bias' is a clever fairy-tale that allows the right to police the corporation and set the wider political agenda and on the other hand such overt stupidity is offensive to almost anyone. naturally the exact opposite is true: his headline in the Guardian is "It's the BBC's right-wing bias that is the threat to democracy and journalism" (no, stop laughing, he did write that!) yet the blatant, continuous and worsening left-wing bias is certainly a threat to democracy (e.g. its chronic pro EU stance) and journalism (how much more omission, lies and agenda-setting can it possibly get away with?). He states "The truth is the BBC is stacked full of right-wingers" and then, most amusingly, goes on to list all of 7 people that include only one 'real' right-winger but also the old chestnut ("was chairman of the Young Conservatives" [sic]) Nick Robinson and wetter than wet Chris Patton: I hazard a guess that Owen himself is more right-wing than Chris Patten. I've been trying to read the comments but already at 1333 the system has probably crashed (well, I can't access it to add my tuppenyworth).

Off on a tangent, the picture I use is intentional: I wonder what his thoughts are now on threats to democracy and journalism in Venezuela...and after reading this I suggest he find out about Venezuela first. 

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