Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Obviously owing...

Well well well. What a surprise...NOT! Labour are hypocrites. The UK's main political parties all filed financial reports this week; "Labour’s total income for 2013 was £33.3m, far ahead of the Tories on £25.4m and the Lib Dems on £7.3m." From the Financial Times [Link ££]. On those vast incomes what tax was paid? Well last year The Conservatives paid 187 thousand quid, guess what Labour paid? £14,000. The Conservatives paid twelve times more tax on income of 25% less! Apparently the Lib Dems paid only £14 tax (yep, fourteen pounds).

Now nobody would begrudge trying to minimise what you pay in tax, as David Blackburn at The Spectator says, we should 'commend Labour for their careful tax planning', HOWEVER, when they do one thing but say another there's only one word for it: HYPOCRITES! There are so many other Labour tax-rise policies, and death won't save you. 

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