Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Olé, Olé, Olé...OUCH...

disseste sete?
The slogan that was on the the side of Brazil's World Cup team coach read "PREPAREM-SE! O HEXA ESTÁ CHEGANDO!", [edit] meaning 'Brace Yourself - The Sixth Is Coming'. LOL... Well on the beautiful horizon they shipped 7 (seven!) equalling their worse loss ever (in 1920 to Uruguay; I think Oscar in the final minute spared them a stand-alone all-time worst defeat). As for the German's: Blitz K.O.,  Gott ist mit ihnen and so was every single person I have spoken to over the last 4 days (and that is in three different countries without including those on-line etc), when was the last time that probably every English football fan was hoping for a German football victory? This was the biggest win in a World Cup semi-final and it goes without saying that Germany scored more goals in 3 minutes against Brazil than England did in entire World Cup [edit] I've just read a comment that says that the 7 (seven) is two more goals than England have scored in their last TWO World Cup campaigns combined! FFS! Most thought it would be Klose but Brazil have reached a new Loew being Mullered by a Germany on Kroos control...I'll get my coat.  What team has EVER scored four goals in 6 minutes, three of those in 3 minutes let alone in a World Cup semi against Brazil in Brazil! Unsurprisingly, tonight was the earliest any team has been 5-0 up in a World Cup match, ever...and this against Brazil in Brazil. Miroslav Klose got his 16th goal in World Cups becoming the new all-time record goalscorer in World Cups. Muller becomes only the 3rd player to get 5 or more goals in two different world Cups (one of the others of course is him team-mate Klose). The Germans were superb in every position showing, demonstrating o jogo bonito; as one comment said on the BBC, 'turns out training and ability are more important than shouting a national anthem whilst crying'...I'm with Stuart from Deal: "Stop commiserating with the Brazilians, who have been dreadful all tournament, and start praising the Germans who have been absolutely brilliant" and who have surely produced one of the best World Cup wins ever.

I would like to stick the boot in, twist the knife: I am glad (and had hoped) that Germany would crush an obviously poor Brazil. That feeling became intense and I wanted humiliation and destruction when I saw what IMHO was a pathetic gesture of one player that should have got a red card in the quarter final and another that should have had at least 5 yellow and two red cards over the course of 5 games holding the shirt of another player would should also have got at least two red cards in previous games. And I got it: justice was done, the fraud revealed in the most beautifully brutal way. Croatia, Mexico, Chile and Colombia were all cheated against both by Brazil and the officials. The other night, Neymar, having lived by the sword so much finally died by it (who thought he was really injured when he first went down...btw, fractured vertebrae? Pants) and along with him it seems any semblance to a football team: 'It's safe to say that Thiago Silva was holding this defence together'. They got what was coming having cheated and fouled their way well beyond what their football deserved - my real dream of Argentina crushing Brazil in the final now cannot come true, but this was a good second!

P.S. Spain only scored eight goals during the entire tournament to win the 2010 World Cup.
P.P.S. Only 4 more goals needed to break highest number of goals at a World Cup (currently 171 in 1998, the first year the competition went to a 32 team format)

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