Monday, August 11, 2014

Odze on...

Possibly the most heartening news this morning is re the visit by a group of British Jews and Israelis to Bradford in obvious and excellent defiance to racist fucktard George Galloway who had recently said that the city should be an "Israel free zone". The group, led by Rabbi Shneur Odze who is also a UKIP candidate, took the trip this weekend "to defend the British sense of fair play and tolerance" [Link: Breitbart] Even better: HERE is a petition calling for Mr Galloway to be prosecuted for hate speech under the Public Order Act 1986. And Bradford will be happy because "the local tourist office in Bradford has received a surge of requests for brochures from British Jews". In case you wondered Owsblog's opinion is strongly pro Israeli and happy to debate with anyone who isn't fully blinkered and willing to learn the facts. 

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