Monday, October 06, 2014

Obsolete ocracy...

(Photo: Michael Thad Carter; final quote below from Forbes last year)
Keep Calm and Carry On...but there's a lot to be worried about: Islamic extremists, no water, hyperinflation, obesity, too much Internet, WW3, Chinese Eugenics, worrying too much, not enough Internet, the Ebola virus disease (EVD...and today a nurse in Spain is said to be the first person in the current outbreak known to have contracted Ebola outside Africa.), it's beginning to seem like the news scene in V for Vendetta when they are trying to divert peoples' attention (sound familiar?). Well, despite all that, now, tried and tested and available (the 3D printers keep selling out) we have the Ghost Gunner a 3D printed gun from Defence Distributed ("You can have an unserialized toothbrush, and you can have an unserialized rifle.") Apparently the people of the USA "want guns without serial numbers. And apparently, they want to make them at home." Cody Wilson’s "goal of enabling anyone to privately fabricate an untraceable gun is part of a larger anarchist mission: To show how technology can render the entire notion of government obsolete." Hat-tip: Goodbye Gun Control, ZeroHedge (Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog).

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