Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Operose Oisin...

...or not, as the case may be. [edited very late to correct name!] No doubt most now know the 'news': Jeremy Clarkson has caused another fracas and has been suspended from the BBC:
"Sources said he was accused of hitting the producer in an incident last week, and the remaining three episodes of the current series might not be broadcast."
A petition supporting Clarkson - and remember all the details aren't out yet*! - is passing 260 thousand as I write this (Anti PC in action?); it reached 100K within 6 hours of being posted yesterday just after 5 p.m. by Guido. Clarkson allegedly hit a Top Gear assistant producer Oisin Tymon; this has been said to have been because no food had been laid on during a day out filming but who knows: JC has had a fair bit of stick on various occasions for all sorts of nothings, this however could be a bit more: before the 'Je suis Jeremy' starts we should realise that hitting a colleague wouldn't wash elsewhere. That said, maybe Oisin had previously been a leaker of one or more of the 'naughty Jeremy' stories (Oisin poison has a ring to it), or maybe he liked pink ties, or maybe he's 100% innocent of any fault. No doubt soon all will be revealed. It's causing a Twitter and media storm - naturally - and I particularly like THIS hilarious Tweet from Maggie Lavan (I hope she doesn't mind me copying it here).

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