Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Only one option...

Everyone seems sure we're on the way to another hung parliament and another coalition of one mix of hues or another. There is only one option, surely (apart from the obvious best options of a Conservative majority or CON/UKIP Coalition)? I cannot believe the electorate would 'cut off their nose to spite their face'; well see. An Interesting article in the Spectator about newspapers and how they 'vote', [Link] or how they "generally... serve up what they believe their readers want". Nothing too earth-shattering about perceived political bent of the various newspapers; the only exception and 'gamble' as such in the current UK general Election campaign is that of The Independent, who have opted for 'more of the same'.

Update 7th May: Interesting follow-up: Order-order today has THIS. The graphic is from 7,000 articles analysed which found that The Mirror was the most partisan newspaper. Again, nothing we didn't already know but good to have it 'confirmed'.

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