Saturday, August 08, 2015

Osorio's overstatement; OLP overkill...

Basically bankrupt [Link]
[edited a.m. 090815] Venezuelan 'Minister for Food' (really?) Carlos Osorio pledged two months ago that the food crisis would be over in two months...not only is it still going on but the lines of waiting customers are getting longer. Also, looting in increasing (when the people in the lines get exacerbated) but the government would rather try to shoot the messenger in an attempt to belie the message. And now the unthinkable: the beer is running out; "take away beer and things get risky" [Link], this I can vouch for from personal experience (bit like THIS). From the 'Link' link, a store owner - without 'milk and bottled water for months' - says "People more freaked out about losing beer than water – it shows how distorted our priorities have become here"; in a land where petrol costs the tank-filler less than 2 dollar cents a litre this is hardly surprising. The courts silence opposition but also "low-profile dissenters", and are slowly but surely 'annulling' political parties by appointing pro-government cliques to lead them. There is no doubt that the country is near to a 'major social crisis' (been there for years some say and no surprise to others), this year's elections will be interesting.

The OLP have been busy, (Operativo de Liberación y Protección del Pueblo / The People's Liberation and Protection Operative) with Krusty 2nd Nick Ripe saying that the OLP will continue until "criminal gangs and paramilitary practices infiltrated into the country by the right are eliminated"...fine but I'm assuming that many of these are the same gangs formed and armed by Chavez. 

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