Saturday, September 12, 2015

Opposition occamy...

No, not the winged, serpent-bodied creature from Harry Potter but an alloy imitating gold or silver: something that seems it could be of great value but doesn't really stand up to inspection or analysis: yes, Jeremy Corbyn has won Labour leadership contest outright in the first round: "The veteran left winger got almost 60% of more than 400,000 votes cast, trouncing his rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall" [BBC] ...back to the future. Less than three months ago he only stood "as an alternative to the Stepford ['cloned/conformist'] candidates standing for the leadership". For all those who have sorely missed the animated debates* from the idealogical divide in politics, well now you can rest assured those days are back.

Not that you're bothered but Corbyn and I have a lot in common: Arsenal F.C., a love of cheese, secondary education was grammar school and...erm, well, that's it except I presume he speaks Spanish as his 2nd and 3rd wives are from Chile and Mexico respectively.

* debate from the 'Right': the Left don't and can't debate. Despite saying that we should remember he has been the MP for Islington North for over three decades; I concur with Nick Hurd, the current Conservative MP from a previous home constituency of mine:


Paul said...

Hi Span - hope you are well. Interesting times ahead and it is back to the future. Apparently 15,000 new Labour members since the election result was announced yesterday morning which is some going.

Not surprised he got elected because he came across very well in the debates but I find his politics a little bit too scary. Watching Owen Jones last night really was deja vu, back to those dreadful dull meetings I used to attend as a teenager who thought politics could (and would) change the world for the better. Can things really be different in 2015 or is this a journey back to real politics and polarisation of the political elite?

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul! 'Long time'. Yep, all good thanks though working harder than usual (understaffed!) so not blogging so much. Hope all's well with you too, I haven't looked in to see if you're still posting pictures and stuff.

I didn't know about the new LAB members but to me it isn't a surprise: it will be the ones who hated Blair so much they distanced themselves. I have no doubt a similar number are thinking of leaving, shaking their heads/crying/tut-tutting.

I agree with you: he seems a nice guy, has genuine beliefs and sticks by them...just that those beliefs are effing nuts! :-)