Saturday, October 03, 2015

Ows oblectation...

...over the years. Owsblog began over ten years ago; I was unable to post on the actual 'birthday' (21st Sept) anniversary but decided to put the most viewed blog-post from each year as a present to myself. [edit] Interestingly the variety isn't as wide as you might expect; a few of the high rankings are just (I presume) people using Google for images and being led here; I'd say only five or so themes cover all ten posts whereas what I have posted most about doesn't figure at all (lucky I don't do it for money!) :-)
[Note: some of the links in the older posts are inactive]
2015 (YTD): obstreperous ogling oblectation: the Sun's Page 3 and will it /won't it continue.
2014: outbreak of oil odium: oil price control 'gloves are off' amongst producer and price setting countries; also the worry that so many countries 'need' the price of oil over USD100 a barrel.
2013: Owsblog's 3rd most viewed post ever and my favourite (except for the orgasm posts ([see 2005] ) Obama's offspring II..."I thought these were just typical of a plethora of Obama's seemingly cretinous statements but I hope it isn't more sinister and part of a general symptom of virulent black racism being the new normal"...
2012: October: a bit tame and presumably just a number of people Googling the images although each is linked.
2011: Odd Obama osculation: again not much text, only Obama kissing Chavez, yes...but it was just a Benetton campaign.
2010: Oracle octopus opts regarding the predicted results for the World Cup finals that year when cephalopod celebrity Paul opted for various winners throughout the tournament, including eventual winners, Spain (overall, English born [Weymouth] Paul predicted 11 out of 13 correctly.)
2009: the most viewed ever, Overt obscurantism re demonising of our porcine friends by naming a human problem 'swine' flu: "If you show symptoms PLEASE do not go anywhere near a pig farm, the last thing that industry needs is a pig actually getting the virus!"
2008Orgasmic olisbos, the history of vibrators and the original meaning of 'hysteria', plus lucky doctors! "Arising from the touch of the genital organs required by the treatment, there follows twitchings accompanied at the same time by pain and pleasure...from that time she is free of all the evil she felt"
2007: Ows's optical opiate: OK, OK...I'm not assuming people popped in to read the prose: 'Sexiest Women in the World according to readers of FHM Magazine in the UK'.
2006: One's opprobrium offers opportunity…, Kate Moss on her 'comeback': "Is she now the top paid model? In only one year she has gone from being Cocaine Kate, with many kicking her hard while she was down, to Kate the Great"
2005: I knew it! Well up on the most read/viewed was the Ows 'Orgasm' series: the middle of that series being the 2nd most read/viewed ever: Orgasms... the second coming. "While all orgasms are organically the same, varying only in strength and length, a woman may not experience them all in the same way..."

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