Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out, out, out!...

Just Get Britain Out
No original thought from me whatsoever, just links to John Redwood's enlightening (for those not willing to find out beforehand) series of summaries of why we should leave the EU, "taking a topic at a time":
1. We can control our borders if we leave the EU: "Most people in the UK want controlled immigration." [Link]
2. How will we spend all the money we save if we leave the EU? "There is no need for the UK to pay anything for the privilege of importing so much from Germany." [Link]
3. Leaving the EU will be good for our trade: "Our trade is not at risk." [Link]
4. We can have cheaper energy if we leave the EU – and better security of supply: "One of the most damaging policies the EU has visited upon us is dear and scarce energy." [Link]
5. Leaving will be good for farmers and fishermen: "The Water Directives have worsened flood problems... The UK can have a rural policy that looks after rural areas and is sensitive to UK needs." [Link]
6. Why the UK will have more influence in the world if it leaves the EU: [Link]
7. We will be a democracy again if we leave the EU: "A fundamental principle of democracy is that one government and Parliament cannot bind another..."in the EU there are many areas where UK voters cannot change policies..." [Link]
8. Leave must mean leave: "Mexico with a free trade agreement, Canada and 160 other countries around the world trade with the EU but do not pay contributions to the EU budget, and do not accept freedom of movement": [Link]

Just Get Britain Out.

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