Saturday, May 14, 2016

Obvious omissions...

Bit late to this but had a busy week! Apparently the BBC has shown bias by omission...OK, I'm not late to that obvious news - [edit] having been whinging about their news and political coverage online for at least 10 years, ranting about it generally (especially things like Question Time etc - post 911 programme was the last straw) for at least 20 years and not paying the TV Tax for 13 years but even I was surprised by the level of bias shown now that a referendum for our EU membership is approaching:
"Voices favouring Britain’s exit from the EU have tended to be under-represented on Radio 4’s Today Programme. From March 2004 to July 2015, there were 4,275 guest speakers on EU themes. Just 3% of these were explicitly in favour of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU"
...and over a third of that 3% was Nigel Farage dozens of times! News Watch does a good job of listing a few other daily 'crimes' by the BBC like bias by selection and bias by preferential presentation. I have added this site to my side-bar (rather than Links page) to keep up with its excellent outing of Spin Central and broadcasting arm of the Guardian that is the BBC. :-)

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