Sunday, May 29, 2016

Openly obtuse obvious opposite...

Amazingly obtuse [title edited 30/05/16]: Which side is this? "[ONE SIDE] had resorted to 'irresponsible and provocative oratory' on immigration and 'phantom fears with puffed-up false statistics and downright untruths'"... "...but added that he was 'dismayed by the way they have conducted this campaign, which I believe to have been a fraud on the British people. The very least the British public should expect from our politicians is that they be accurate and truthful. [ONE SIDE] offer a mixture of confused or distorted facts."
"'Their tactics are to ignore the arguments and abuse their critics. The British people deserve better. Voters are contemptuous of such evasion and political trickery.'"
John Major in the Mail on Sunday about the Leave campaign. [face-palm] John, you do see the irony, yes? Has he been listening to anything in the last couple of weeks? Even more ironic, he made it worse by hyperbole and lies of his own.

Update: Wow, it's all kicked off today: I agree with Nadine, not about BoJo, but that Cameron is toast.

Update 5th June: he's done it again: senility or stupidity? John Major has accused Remain of deceit etc and yet spouts complete crap: his massive well rehearsed point that was so deceitful? That Remain were claiming that all 88 million Turks would arrive! I mean FFS! For FUCK's sake! And Marr just left him unchallenged: he could have said "Don't be so fucking stupid John, nobody believes they mean that". He could have; he should have. 

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