Sunday, July 10, 2016

Overt omissions, obvious outrage II...

Following on from yesterday's post about the BBC's shockingly wrong headline and article "Why do US police keep killing unarmed black men?" Alan at Biased BBC has come up with an interesting find: "At least one of the Blacks who murdered the police officers in Dallas had links to Black Power groups….by coincidence in June the BBC was promoting their agenda": the BBC did a programme on the killers and their gun club just last month: "On the ground with America's Black Power soldiers". And again the goading of blacks into killing by repeated and continual lies:
"But there’s more: if you are a black man aged 15-34 you're nine times more likely to be killed than anyone else. Yet African Americans make up just 12% of the US population. Whatever way you look at it, police are clearly killing disproportionately large numbers of African Americans - particularly young black men."
No explanation, no reasoning, none of the actual facts as to WHY... I hope the authorities are looking closely at the BBC footage and will be giving the reporters and cameramen extended questioning. 

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