Friday, October 28, 2016

Odious open obscurantism...

They're right: "The Clintons are perhaps the most corrupt political family in American history. The Bushes may be second, but even they maintained a certain decorum in the White House. Neither Bush president would think of cussing out a secret service man or angrily hurl a White House antique at a spouse. The Clintons are at heart common grifters. They’re lying, vulgar confidence tricksters who continue to enjoy pushing the criminal envelope because they’re used to getting away with their crimes. Both should be in prison. Right now."
Source: Ben Garrison at, more in the store.
Yep; both should be in prison for various different things too. [edit] The cartoon mentions 'corrupt media' and CNN but to be honest it should have also named and shamed NBC, CBS and especially MSNBC too. Disgracefully biased - such blatant omission distortion and sometimes downright lies should be criminal acts. Almost on a par with the BBC!

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