Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Orwellian operants...

Operant conditioning: "behavior (as bar pressing by a rat to obtain food) that operates on the environment to produce rewarding and reinforcing effects" i.e. the strength of a behavior is modified by the behavior's consequences, such as reward or punishment or the behavior is controlled by antecedents called "discriminative stimuli" which come to signal those consequences. Or quite simply it is classical conditioning (paid-for classical conditioning). Or it is their Two Minutes Hate ("1984 eerily reminds one of today’s social media induced ejaculations of anger."). To be honest I think it is scary the number of people who are so willfully blind, who protest without reading, without listening, without understanding. Some are paid...they have a reason, they are fulfilling a contract or at least a promise to protest for payment. Others, many (most?) are just so fucking stupid it makes me write swear words in a blog post; they are not just silly...or innocently mistaken...but common or garden fucked up stupid...the streets are becoming accustomed. FFS!

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