Sunday, April 30, 2017

Outrageous obduracy; obvious omission...

Eager as ever to charge the UK for almost anything and everything ("EU leaders to insist UK pays its Brexit bills as precursor to trade talks") they are definitely making a quick, hard Brexit more likely. This will hurt the EU more than the UK; the stupid sinister spiteful EU cunts "diplomats" are almost literally intending to cut off their nose to spite their face.*

The EU are also already making their feelings clear: "you're gone": in THIS [PDF] paper (Reflection Paper on the Social Dimension of Europe) which was published last week has two telling maps on page 7 and page 9. We want to leave, they want us gone. Good.

For info the UK would have been in dark blue with an unemployment rate of 4.7.

* a perfect description of the EU 'diplomats' childish self-destructive huff. Cunts.

Hat-tip: Big Think

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