Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ossoff off...

Karen Handel has done an amazing thing: in a race that was overly expensive and received more than usual national attention (mainly because it was seen as a possible sign of a turning of the tide in the popularity of Donald Trump's presidency) she not only beat the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff by a Brexitesque margin but in doing so became the first Republican woman to be elected to U.S. Congress from Georgia. And she isn't a shrinking violet RINO, oh no: she is against a minimum wage; supports The Donald's decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement; opposes abortion; opposes same-sex marriage AND same-sex civil partnerships; she opposes gay adoption of children and totally against any amnesty for illegal immigrants. But most of all...she gave us the wonderful faces of the CNN staff (CNN is based in Atlanta for you UK folk who may not know). So funny.

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