Saturday, January 13, 2018

Outrage over ordure orifice...

Less than two weeks into 2018 and one week away from the first anniversary of the official start of The Great Shake-Up it looks like it's going to be a bumper ride. After the Wolff book 'outrage' fell flat (Fire and Fury was really fickle and furry, like mouldy dog-poo) for being complete bullshit, we move onto a new lefty outrage bandwagon: President Trump has said "shithole"... apparently. Cue lefty global meltdown. Shit, the guy is trying to help the daft lefty twats sort their Dreamer issue (to the disdain of some mega-supporters) and all they can produce is a tsunami of hate from every single lefty twat who obviously don't care if he said it or not ("Trump has denied making the remark (kind of), but it certainly fits right in with his history", I mean FFS). Some are even saying it's racist (face-palm); I have no doubt some will say it is misogynistic and homophobic too.

"'Why do we need more Haitians?' Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting.", hmmmm, 'according to people familiar with the meeting', what the fuck does that mean? And even then, he's right, and it is a shithole even if Trump didn't say it was! And I bet the Clintons hope Haiti doesn't stay in the headlines too long.

The Left simple are going bat-shit crazy over Trump, they simply cannot handle it and they never have; they are becoming a laughing stock. Apparently he has upset everyone: the 'World' is infuriated but if billionaire scion and CCN anchor Anderson Cooper, comedian (well, you know, the non funny lefty dick type of "comedian" [of which the UK is also now full]) Seth Meyers, crime family member Chelsea Clinton, and racist race-bait hussler Rev. Al Sharpton are pissed off then hopefully The Donald will keep it up. I can forgive locals for posting pretty pictures of beautiful scenery in these 'shithole' countries but that's a poor effort at deflection. Kudos to Leceister lefty luvvie Gary Lineker though, at least his comment was funny, although it's ironic coming from a complete arsehole who famously and publicly shat himself.

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