Sunday, October 23, 2005

Orgasms... the second coming

That’s got your interest…more below after some discussion; the image is called 'Gardening' from Marjorie Baldwin Greene...which helps explain part of what I'm getting at below.

Sexologists Masters and Johnson ("Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human loving" ©1982,1985,1986) describe the female orgasm as follows: "Women often describe the sensations of an orgasm as beginning with a momentary sense of suspension, quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling that usually begins at the clitoris and rapidly spreads throughout the pelvis. The physical sensations of the genitals are often described as warm, electric, or tingly, and these usually spread through the body. Finally, most women feel muscle contractions in their vagina or lower pelvis, often described as "pelvic throbbing."

This and most of the text below, plus much, much more can be read in full at the aptly named final few paragraphs are my own as you may guess!

While all orgasms are organically the same, varying only in strength and length, a woman may not experience them all in the same way: how a woman experiences an orgasm during masturbation is usually totally different than how she experiences it during partner sex. In fact, women often report their most "satisfying" orgasms occur during masturbation, perhaps because they are the centre of attention, and not worrying about or distracted by a partner. A woman may experience an orgasm totally differently if her vagina is empty than when a penis or hand is inserted or she may be more aware of her vaginal contractions when her vagina has something to clamp down on!

Women experience total body orgasms, clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, and uterine orgasms and there are two physical changes the body must under go if a woman is to experience orgasm. The first is "vasocongestion," the pooling of blood in the breasts and genitals. This results in the breasts and genitals becoming larger, the body feeling warm or hot to the touch, the change in color of the breasts and genitals, and vaginal lubrication. The second is "Myotonia" or "neuromuscular tension," the build up of energy in the nerve endings and muscles of the entire body.

If a woman experiences one orgasm, she can usually have many more in one session, as long as adequate stimulation continues. Some women will have one orgasm right after another, for as long as the stimulation is continued. Practice seems to make this more probable. The clitoris may be extremely sensitive after the first orgasm, requiring a very light or indirect touch and a woman may need only to slip a very slightly away from the point of orgasm before she can have another.

Most multiple orgasms, despite howling protestations from all us guys, occur during masturbation most probably because there is nothing or no one to distract a woman from her pleasure, and if a vibrator or similar 'gadget' is utilized it will not get tired, unlike a woman's own hand, or that of her partner.

If a partner wants to bring their female partner to multiple orgasms, they will probably have to forego their own pleasure; at least temporarily…this last point is probably the most important: no matter what equipment we have, both as body parts (!!!) or sex toys the most important thing is to pay as much attention as possible to our partner to try and make their pleasure greater…the thing is, and you won’t like this, is that I am convinced that male humans are ill equipped to really take women to that highest high…

Guys, listen! Don't get all 'macho' with me...No, I’m not saying ‘you’ can’t do it or that your partner doesn’t orgasm; what I’m saying is…well, what I’m trying to get at here is….err, that we need a few more hands and arms with flagellum fingers and maybe even a morphing member...the following may go some way to explain: the image at the start and this one here are from a great set of highly erotic sketches and tales from Marjorie Baldwin Greene (Marjorie's Bedtime Stories), visit the site (hosted by Tripod) and see what I mean, this one is called 'Lara in Trouble II' and there are many more sketches,like this one, in colour with related captions and stories. The site comes with a caution that should be read before going further re non appropriate content for children etc. ..orgasms


So there you have it, I’m jealous of the multi-tasking tendriled/ tentacled, polymorphous orgasm-inducing powers of a series of fictional plants, aliens and cephalopod or gastropod molluscs!
S.O. orgasm


Gavin Corder said...

She let you use the pictures then! Necky bastard!

Span Ows said...

No I'm not...I just thought I'd btter check first and she very kindly answered.

Kayfer Kettle said...


Stop writing and get in that bedroom!

There is a woman waiting for you, fully expecting this 'talk' to turn into 'walk'!

Now go, before the rather hunky tendrilled gastropod from number 17 decides she's waited long enough !

K x

it really is interesting stuff Span - keep it up lad.

Gavin Corder said...


I think he is keeping it up - that's the problem!

I keep telling him he needs to capture a senorita for wholly gratuitous shagging!

But no he persists in avoiding meaningless relationships! There's simply no telling him!

Happily Mrs C is most accommodating in the gratuitous shagging stakes!

ianhug66 said...

Hi Span, thanks for your comments, still getting my head round the workings,you're a clever lot, hope I can make mine as interesting. you're a lucky sod living in Spain. Speak to you soon..

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