Saturday, January 13, 2018

Outrage over ordure orifice...

Less than two weeks into 2018 and one week away from the first anniversary of the official start of The Great Shake-Up it looks like it's going to be a bumper ride. After the Wolff book 'outrage' fell flat (Fire and Fury was really fickle and furry, like mouldy dog-poo) for being complete bullshit, we move onto a new lefty outrage bandwagon: President Trump has said "shithole"... apparently. Cue lefty global meltdown. Shit, the guy is trying to help the daft lefty twats sort their Dreamer issue (to the disdain of some mega-supporters) and all they can produce is a tsunami of hate from every single lefty twat who obviously don't care if he said it or not ("Trump has denied making the remark (kind of), but it certainly fits right in with his history", I mean FFS). Some are even saying it's racist (face-palm); I have no doubt some will say it is misogynistic and homophobic too.

"'Why do we need more Haitians?' Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting.", hmmmm, 'according to people familiar with the meeting', what the fuck does that mean? And even then, he's right, and it is a shithole even if Trump didn't say it was! And I bet the Clintons hope Haiti doesn't stay in the headlines too long.

The Left simple are going bat-shit crazy over Trump, they simply cannot handle it and they never have; they are becoming a laughing stock. Apparently he has upset everyone: the 'World' is infuriated but if billionaire scion and CCN anchor Anderson Cooper, comedian (well, you know, the non funny lefty dick type of "comedian" [of which the UK is also now full]) Seth Meyers, crime family member Chelsea Clinton, and racist race-bait hussler Rev. Al Sharpton are pissed off then hopefully The Donald will keep it up. I can forgive locals for posting pretty pictures of beautiful scenery in these 'shithole' countries but that's a poor effort at deflection. Kudos to Leceister lefty luvvie Gary Lineker though, at least his comment was funny, although it's ironic coming from a complete arsehole who famously and publicly shat himself.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

On oikophobia...

Happy New Year! I have mentioned oikology before but only in terms of The Donald's housekeeping; I also had a copy of Roger Scruton's "England And The Need For Nations" [Civitas PDF] when I was looking up 'oikophobia (also PDF)' a few years back so in no way has he "coined" this phrase in his new book, as The Conservative Woman* blog states: he coined it years, nay decades ago. * That said, the rest of the blog "We’re coming after you, oikophobes!" [Link] is really good and worth a read:
"[Scruton] uses it to describe the attitude of a person who repudiates home – that is, people’s need for home and for their inherited way of life. It denotes contempt or disdain for the common man and our national culture. It is to be found in the universities and the channels of elite communication ‘and has been a force in politics out of all proportion to its place in the ordinary citizen’s heart’. 
It is this attitude which leads elites to designate natural concerns and life experiences as xenophobic or racist."
The ever sinister Heseltine gets a mention and so too Adonis "Oikophobe-of-the-week"! hehehe

If indeed you need convincing about the book, the review on Amazon is enough (for me at least!): "While everyone else panics and reacts, Scruton thinks. And produces answers." Douglas Murray.

Some key phrases are repeated (from the aforementioned 'England And The Need For Nations' and in speeches: e.g. in Belgium almost 12 years ago [yes, a perusal would also be well worth your time]: "Roger Scruton on Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Need to Defend the Nation State") but important nonetheless: "Oikophobia is a stage through which the adolescent mind all but inevitably passes. But it is also a stage in which we can become arrested." The lefty luvvies and IYIs that is.

Related: from the Phobia List: Oikophobia - Fear of home surroundings, house (also Domatophobia, Eicophobia)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Omisoka osechi...

May your special box be bountiful...and beautiful. I like the cut of the Japanese jib: they traditionally (or did) spend the year end with, as one might expect, activities considered important for the year-end: a clean start, house cleaning and tidying, repaying debts (ha!), "purification" (such as driving out evil spirits and bad luck) [Wiki], and personal hygiene/bathing. This chimes exactly with what me and my OCD like to do. That and light a candle. Clean, clear, rest, relax, welcome. best wishes for 2018; totally off topic a couple of quotes from the mighty Albert to end the year:  "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."... ..."Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Or an even better quote from Muse: "Don't Waste your Time or Time Will Waste You." It will anyway but don't let it be for nothing!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Omniloquent observer opines on our obscurantic omphaloskepsis...

Brendan O'Neill on the button again, in Spiked-online "In 2017, our response to terrorism became dangerously passive."... "2017 might prove to be the year we caved in to terrorism.". Writing about the official response and our own response.
"In 2017 we witnessed the rise of the terror amnesia industry – an informal but effective effort by the political class and opinion-forming set to shush serious discussion about terrorism; to tame strong emotions post-terror; to make people forget, in essence, the latest bloody destruction of their fellow citizens, or at least stop thinking about it. 'Don't look back…'"
'The terror amnesia industry', yes indeed. The immediate 'Beware of backlash', 'Beware of Islamophobia', the hiding of facts the under-reporting or omission of facts...and in fact the over-reporting and highlighting of anything to deflect attention.
"This is how deeply the West’s moral cowardice now runs: we are not even permitted to name the ideology that motors the murder of our fellow citizens...."A nation that fails to get angry about the slaughter of its children, and which won’t even allow frank discussion about the ideology used to justify that slaughter, is a nation that has lost its moral anchor.
So very true. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Optative olio of observations...

The following posted on Raewald's blog: For Hope, and our Future; I apologise in advance for using his words but he has a way with them! With no further comment from me , well worth a read:
"It's now eighteen months since that momentous referendum, and we're still leaving. With every single day it becomes more and more difficult for the saboteurs to derail the process. The global corporates, their Federast and globalist dags, the Euro bien pensants, has-been politicians, are daily nearer to meltdown and daily more furious. This also makes them daily more dangerous; the dags are being goaded into petty acts of spite, with Remoaner HMRC officials prodded by the Treasury now demanding tax from private Leave referendum donors whilst the vastly richer global corporates escape scot free for their Remain gifts. We may have sighted land, but it will still take some skillful pilotage before we're tied up alongside."...
More snippets:

"More than anything else, social media has enabled the idiocies of neoliberalism, the insanity of distorted morality, the fake news, lies, distortions and deceits of the malign, to be exposed to the disinfectant of sunlight and to laughter. "

"At home and abroad we still face human challenges... ...Do not, I beg you, direct hatred or vituperation towards these people, no matter how devious, dishonest, manipulating or self-interested their behaviour."
"At home we are still failing our own people; ex-armed forces living rough, enduring hardship and privation without complaint. They stood on the line for you and me. We owe them. For our semi-feral urban children, victims of gross sexual abuse and exploitation, victims also of failed official care, of moral relativism, and of our selfishness. We must help them. And heartfelt thanks to all those who keep the law, demand nothing, discharge their social responsibility and ask only for a little pride, a little identity and a little recognition. We owe them, too."
"As each day grows a little brighter I am inspired with hope. Not a surge, but a fleeting butterfly shadow of hope that flickers over the heart and soul. There is a future, a good future, and we can all help shape it. God really is with us if we allow him to be."

Suffice to say I agree entirely. The rest HERE. Merry Christmas. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Od over odd odium...

Why do they hate Britain so much? England even more. Why do the liberal lefty luvvies hate their country and everything to do with it? Orwell was so right: "England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality." And John King over at New Statesman (no, really) writes "Metropolitan intellectual snobbery is part of an older, anti-English racism that runs back through the centuries..." [NS link]. And now the pathetic passport panic; the image above is just a selection of the passports that exist; all are HERE. Of the 189, most are blue (41.74% in, doesn't that number look familiar to another number: 17.41 million). That said, adding up and higher/lower numbers has seemed difficult for Remainers.  Also, the UK has a 'power rank' of 3rd with 159 countries where we can visit visa-free;  there are only 3 countries (2 rankings) who have more visa-free entry the highest being Germany with 161.

Well, apart from the rubbish about it costing 500 million quid to change (it will cost NOTHING, nada, zero, zilch, extra - only what would have been spent anyway - probably in 2020) we will still have the same rank, unless the EU decides to be fucking pricks. Now, hold on, I know what you're thinking: "Many in the EU are fucking pricks!", (especially, it seems, the European Parliament's representative in the Brexit negotiations Guy Verhoffystuffy who seems not to have read THIS when he said THIS... maybe they would have allowed us Annex II point D) and they may well do this but the European countries will not; so quite what all the ridiculous shitters are moaning about is I don't know, one can only presume they are fuckwits, professors and all.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Overheated Obama officials...

"It's no coincidence that these overheated condemnations accompany abundant evidence that the Trump administration is finding its legs." The Death Rattle of Obama’s Reputation: [LINK]
"In nearly all respects, it was Obama’s White House, not Trump’s, that adopted an ideological foreign policy and rendered the U.S. and the world less safe as a result."
I don't think President Trump's administration ever lost its legs; it just tensed them against the barrage of hate: it is just that the howling democrat media, the Obama stay-behind army and assorted loons are realising that all their conspiracies (that from March but almost constant since an 20/01/17) falsities and fake news are wearing thin as each one becomes eschewed, overturned, uncovered and debunked. The FBI must be recruiting full-steam to replace all those that are having to resign.

Sharks may be circling soon on another deserving candidate.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

O Oriens...

O Oriens, 
splendor lucis aeternae, et sol justitiae: 
veni, et illumina sedentes in tenebris, et umbra mortis.

"The sun of righteousness shall rise." ..."I am the light of the world". ..."Hence it is that He was born on the day which is the shortest in our earthly reckoning and from which subsequent days begin to increase in length. He, therefore, who bent low and lifted us up chose the shortest day, yet the one whence light begins to increase."

Winter Solstice... Saturnalia... Dies Natalis Solis Invicti... Yule... Noel... Father Christmas.

Still waiting but it's all happening! 

Friday, December 08, 2017

Organisational opulence...

With this morning's news that there has been "sufficient progress" i.e. a breakthrough in the EU/UK Brexit 'negotiations' we can all celebrate that today in 1955 The Flag of Europe was first adopted. This was the Council of Europe's flag, which was adopted by the EEC* in 1985. Below is the fantastic Euler diagram that I hadn't seen before about all the European organisations. Worth noting of course that "The Council of Europe is not to be confused with the Council of the European Union (the "Council of Ministers") or the European Council. These belong to the European Union, which is separate from the Council of Europe... The Council of Europe is not to be confused with the European Union itself." [Wiki] **. The blog post title does not of course refer to the disappointing, frustrating, seemingly treacherous, disgusting, fake news, traitor-ridden, back-stabbing, cunt-fest feeding frenzy that are the Brexit negotiations themselves; "challenging" - to use Jean Claude's description - just doesn't do it for me.

*which of course later became the EC and now the EU.
**Got that?

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Ostensible oligarchic overlords...

"With each passing day I grow happier and happier that I voted for Brexit." Me too. "Ireland, the EU is playing you like a fiddle", so writes Brendan O'Neill in today's (yesterday's on UK time) Spectator. He is so, so right. The EU is being true to form: "cynical, divisive and dangerous"; I would add sinister, single-minded and cuntish. The Irish are being soft but trying to find some way of buffering the fact that, as of 2016, actually have to contribute to the EU coffers, instead of being a net recipient for the previous forty odd years; I guess that is easy to understand. All that was exacerbated today with a plethora of fake news. She said, he said they said...all without any quotes at all, just hear-say about what would happen re the Irish border. A whole day of complete made-up shit. Instant access 24 hour round the clock ticker-tape news is getting worse. The tail is now wagging several dogs! Just wait for the news then give the facts please. Also, you. uttertwats. (apologies for so many Twatter links).

Update: double twat khant!