Saturday, February 15, 2020

Orthodoxy overkill...

...and identity politics will kill the Labour Party: the 'progressive' Left is eating itself. "Former Labour voters must be looking at this nonsense and congratulating themselves for abandoning this lost, deluded party.", so concludes Brendan O'Neill in his scathing article in Spiked! decribing the Labour Party and "The purge of the unwoke": "Labour is plotting a Stalinist purge of anyone who questions the cult of transgenderism."... ...the purge demands unquestioning loyalty to one of the key orthodoxies of identitarian extremism: that 'trans women are women' and 'trans men are men'.
"The Stalinist vindictiveness of the purge is made clear in its demonisation of two perfectly reasonable campaign groups: Woman’s Place UK and the LGB Alliance. The former is an organisation of feminists concerned that gender self-identification could lead to born males entering women-only spaces – such as changing rooms, rape-crisis centres and female prisons – and which campaigns for the preservation of women’s sex-based rights. The latter is a gay-rights group concerned that transgenderism erases the specificity of the homosexual experience – of same-sex attraction – for example by allowing people with actual penises to identify as lesbian. Scandalously, the purge refers to these two organisations as ‘hate groups’. It says Labour members should ‘organise and fight against’ these despicable, hateful outfits."
This isn't a minor group within Labour: two of the final three leader candidates have signed up to it, literally. Lisa Nandy, the Labour Party leadership candidate I thought best of a very poor bunch (and the only one untainted by the Corbyn shit-show) has signed.

Let them wither, but somebody needs to keep BoJo on the straight and narrow; will we have to rely on [the great] Nigel Farage again?

Monday, February 03, 2020

Outwardly on our own; openly optimistic...

Alone again although not quite: we are open for business with the world. I still am not 100 percent convinced by BoJo but by God it makes a hell of a differnece to have an overtly optimistic and patriotic Prime Minister again.

Today his written statement is promising: "The Government remains committed in all circumstances to securing all those benefits for the whole of the UK and to strengthening our Union."..."In its negotiations with the EU, the Government will be acting on behalf of the UK Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories: the whole UK family. The UK proposes to agree similar arrangements with the EFTA states."'s speech is outstanding.
"And - you know where this is going - today if we get it right, if we have the courage to follow the instincts and the instructions of the British people, this can be another such moment on the launching pad."
"We are re-emerging after decades of hibernation as a campaigner for global free trade.
"And frankly it is not a moment too soon because the argument for this fundamental liberty is now not being made...
...And since these notions were born here in this country, it has been free trade that has done more than any other single economic idea to raise billions out of poverty and incredibly fast." We do extraordinary things as I never tire of telling you. Tea to China, cake to France, TV aerials to South Korea and so on. Boomerangs to Australia - Nigel Farage to America. Then he came back of course. [Ows: Thank God!]
We are embarked now on a great voyage, a project that no one thought in the international community that this country would have the guts to undertake, but if we are brave and if we truly commit to the logic of our mission - open, outward-looking - generous, welcoming, engaged with the world championing global free trade now when global free trade needs a global champion, I believe we can make a huge success of this venture, for Britain, for our European friends, and for the world.
Very well worth a read of the whole thing, or a watch and listen (speech begins @3:25, don't miss Q&A at the end, LOL).

Plus another good read: Leaving the EU is a joyous expression of national self-confidence. For that, we have Thatcher to thank. (Conservative Home): "However, Thatcher changed everything. Her radical reforms, unapologetic patriotism, uncompromising will and remarkable character lifted the nation out of its post-war torpor and restored its self-confidence... 

"A British ‘economic miracle’ was being enviously mooted on the continent – a truly remarkable turnaround from the stagnation and misery afflicting the nation just 10 years earlier...
"Most important, though, was the national pride restored by Thatcher’s indomitable spirit and sense of moral purpose. 

"If Britain joined what was to become the EU in a moment of disorientation and self-doubt, it voted out as a confident, self-assured, optimistic, outward-looking and independent nation state.
"For this, we have Thatcher to thank. And as a delicious accompaniment, she posthumously drove a stake through the heart of her vampiric nemesis, Michael Heseltine. Victory has never been sweeter."

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Official observance...

...of Octoraro Orphie? Or is it Phil? Anyhoo, today is Groundhog Day: "The first reported news of a Groundhog Day observance was arguably made by the Punxsutawney Spirit newspaper of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, in 1886"...not that we in the UK celebrate it, but we know about it. The only real reason I'm posting about it is the cartoon below, LOL.

Although I also notice the date and time and feel oddly excited. Plus today is the 33rd day in this, a Leap year, with 333 days to go...

Update 3 a.m.: Talking of The Donald, I thought this was interesting from The Last Refuge (CTH); I wonder whether the US media will ignore - much the same way as UK media have studiously ignored any good news re Brexit - the State of The Union address as they have done previously for Trump. The SOTU is on Tuesday: the 1111th day of the Donald's administration. The numbers again.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Obsigned: ostensibly out...

Image credit BOB in The Daily Telegraph, 31/01/20
1,317 days. Or 3 years, 7 months, 1 week and 1 day (interesting number repetition there) since we found out the result of the Brexit referendum. After voting to Leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 we are now finally - 'sort of' - out; as Kathy Gyngell writes at The Conservative Woman "We are however under no illusions. This is just the end of the beginning."

And from Raedwald, copied here (he says it so well)...
"Dear Ursula Many thanks for the kind words from the floor of your assembly. The United Kingdom will also always love the nations of Europe - and those nations will remain our favourite holiday and retirement destinations. Many of them even use the same notes and coins, which makes it easier! However, I should point out that we're not actually leaving Europe. Of which we're of course an integral part. And we'll be marketing our many fine comestibles products across the world as 'Food from Europe' as well as 'Made in the UK'. And we remain proud of our continent of 730m people, of whom some 460m are also 'citizens' of your Federation thing. We'll have a year more to enjoy the madcap, mouth-frothing, carpet-chewing antics of your rantiest stars - Hof's histrionics, petulant posturing and insane rhetoric keep us all in good spirits and we enjoy immensely his little You Tube clips. After that, I'm not sure who we will have to laugh at - unless Labour have elected a new Leader by then, of course. Anyhow, must close. Good luck with those criminal investigations against you - after all, anyone can accidentally wipe two mobile phones containing incriminating criminal evidence on the same day. If you're not in jail, we'll correspond again in eleven months. Best - Britain."

Friday, January 17, 2020

Ouch! Obvious objections...

Patently obvious but STILL being ignored by ALL the Labour Party leadership candidates. Nearly three-quarters of YOUR voters, asked in a YouGov poll, who switched to The Conservative Party say it is you - the party - "who left them" (first graph) clearly Brexit being the major factor;  NONE of the candidates have fully admitted this yet; it is really so obvious. So obvious in fact (2nd graph) that there was only 3% "Don't Knows" in the poll for the question of "Why?"Amazing. Equally incredible (3rd graph) that 90% of these voters had an unfavourable (or somewhat unfavourable) opinion of Jeremy Corby. Graphs below from first YouGov (Twitter), then The Times (sign up) and last but by no means least, Guido.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Offensive obits of one offed "overseas operations" oppressor...

Update 8th Jan: from Guido, Corbyn keeping up his record of always siding with anyone who could be construed as an enemy of the U.K.: "Corbyn has now unveiled his latest shocking foreign policy opinion in refusing to call Soleimani a terrorist – a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Middle Easterners and Western forces; and something even Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have agreed with wholeheartedly. Is it any wonder Boris has refused to personally brief Jezza on Privy council terms? Every day we must be thankful he never got into power". Amen

Bit late on this, wasn't going to post that I agreed with The Donald (I do) plus I have only just seen the cartoon below (SM Radio @SMohyeddin "The killing of #QassemSoleimani by Iranian artist @ManaNeyestani"). Apologies for all the Twitter links and also if you think my title is crass but some of the lefty-love-in reaction has been far more crass. Some interesting points about the 'real Soleimani' on THIS THREAD by Karim Sadjadpour whose first point may seem exaggerated: "1. There were many tributes to by Iranians who viewed him as a widely-beloved Persian Che Guevara, w/ little self-awareness for his role in the repression, displacement, and death of millions." and HERE from Masih Alinejad: "Some Iranians compared the funeral services for Soleimani to those held for the Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich..."

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Objurgating obvious obfuscation...

Back to the General Election...and why not: Christopher Snowdon commented on Twitter the day before the 2019 General Election that he hoped somebody would look into the 'false looking' ("garbage") statement that "Investigation finds '88% of Tory ads misleading compared to 0% for Labour'".

On the face of it I think most normal people would immediate realise something wasn't right: much of Labour and many of their blinkered followers - usually the most vociferous - seem to spout lies almost eveytime any of them speak (IMHO!) so why would their ads be any different. This week Christopher updated (answered his own Tweet) that "No one ever came back to this factoid so I did it myself." And what a good job he has done too (plus bonus points for correct use of 'factoid' i.e. some 'fact' that is false!): on his blog Velvet Glove, Iron Fist he lays out a full and fair account showing that the "investigation" is obviously wrong, their interpretations flawed and their methodology quite ridiculous. I say 'fair' as he highlights possibly misleading statements from both parties plus (amazingly) both The Guardian and the BBC come out untainted - unlike many lefty luvvies, comedians, commentators and even Labour MPs. And I say 'full' as the blog-post has dozens of examples and doesn't really favour either side, except by the upshot of the whole thing in that the 88% to zero was very clearly fake news designed to help Labour...that went well.
"The idea that 88% of the Conservative adverts were 'lies' is itself a lie, seemingly designed to affect the result of the election as the campaign neared its end. It appears to have been designed to help Labour win and has subsequently been used as an excuse for why it lost."

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Ocular opening; oscillating opinions...

Happy New Year. 2020...a leap year. I awoke with a 20/20 vision* of a wonderful year where the UK will leap expected. Hopefully a belated return to the sensible Right and back away from the turgid lefty 'backward progressive' direction we have been heading for 20 years. Just a bit of fun but the two images are from  January 2010, when Gordon Brown (Brownstuff) was still Prime Minister (seems a decade ago!...oh) and the whole of the UK was white with snow and beset by blizzards.

Image from Wikipedia: "The cold weather was caused by high pressure over Greenland and Iceland forcing weather patterns southward, a phenomenon described by meteorologists as the Arctic Oscillation and also the North Atlantic Oscillation which were negative compared to normal."

* it was a vision..could mean shit! LOL.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Only once: "one-off" offer?...

No need to go into any depth about last week's General Election in the UK. Amazing stuff: the Conservative Party polled 43.6 per cent of the popular vote, which is its highest share since 1979. The Labour Party got 203 seats, the fewest since 1935. CON got 13.96 million votes, compare to Tony Blair in his landslide win in 1997 got 'only' 13.5 million (43.2%). Now, no other parties are in the Top 5:
  1. John Major 14,093,007 (1992) 41.9% 
  2. Boris Johnson 13,966,451 (2019) 43.6% 
  3. Margaret Thatcher 13,760,935 (1987) 42.2% 
  4. Margaret Thatcher 13,697,923 (1979) 43.9% 
  5. Theresa May 13,667,213 (2017) 42.4% 
The above of course are Prime Ministers, this is hard on Clement Attlee in the 1951 GE. [edit] and we all know TM is hardly a Conservative with Major also on the edge and BoJo still to prove himself.

Anyhoo..."The crumbling of the ‘Red Wall’ is the big story of this election and some commentators are describing it as a “one off.” The conventional wisdom is that working class voters have “lent” their votes to the Conservatives and, barring an upset, will give them back next time round. It’s Brexit, supposedly that has been the game-changer—an excuse leapt on by Corbyn’s outriders in the media, who are loathe to blame Labour’s defeat on their man." So writes Toby Young* on Quillette.

Maybe, maybe not. Remember Maggie's extended-thank-God success partly due to 'Mondeo Man', or Blair's slimey manipulations (aided by a weak and simpering MSM) extending his ruinous-for-the-UK run? I fully expect BoJo to fudge Brexit but if he doesn't and this happens - "If the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is not ratified by 31 January 2020, we will leave the EU without a deal in place" - then the "one off" maybe a much longer run.

* He of course knows BoJo well.

Comment of the day (from WRMF on the Quilette link) has me in stitches:  
“Labor could not have picked a worse candidate.”
US Democratic Party to UK Labour Party: “Hold My Beer”

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Open on oeuvres...

Library closed? Local youth club shut down? No money for bin collections because of "austerity"? After the last recession we found out that many councils had hundreds of millions of savings stashed away. Now, just to confirm something else we presumed but didn't know: Wasting Monet? (TaxPayer's Alliance) "Local authorities own a significant amount of artwork. Museums, galleries and libraries are part of the public sector and often under the remit of their local authority. Some authorities’ pieces of art are of significant value." [PDF]

Local authorities in the UK own at about two million pieces of art, which is worth nearly £1.9 billion.

Middlesbrough council had the most with more than 250,000 items. They didn't reveal how much it was worth. Of those that did, Manchester city council had the highest value, just over £369 million. Bassetlaw council had the most recent purchases: 201 and Wiltshire council had the least on display: zero percent from 2099 items (one of eight councils with nothing on display).