Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Oxley opines...

Image: 18.06.16, The Spectator: Out and into the World
On Brexit Central Alan Oxley opines that the UK Government doesn’t really get what is at stake...the Brexit White Paper based on 'Chequers' is "unintelligible, incoherent and includes matters which do not warrant attention", something we can all agree based on the waffle and piffle emanating from complicit MPs and tame MSM; "most importantly [the Brexit White Paper] lays out no platform which any government could use in undertaking something as significant as withdrawal from the EU." Nuff said.

Now, Oxley may be an Aussie with his own interests but as ex Chairman of GATT he knows what he is saying when, in typical clear and blunt Aussie style he says:
"Clearly those who oversaw preparation of the paper had no basic understanding of the fundamental issues or how to address them."
Hear hear! "Why is at least one third of the paper related to vague discussions of issues instead of concrete propositions... [?]", smoke an mirrors to fool dim-witted politicians Alan!
"What is the sense in surrendering future control over any changes to an organisation from which the British people have decided to separate?"
Exactly! ...and an organisation heading only one way...and it ain't 'up'.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Offence offensive II...

Battle of Britain Hurricanes
...or 'defence offence offensive' given that The Battle of Britain was a great defensive effort. How to ruin a good day and a memorial day at that: I hate to whinge (ahem...OK, I love it) but Niall McCarthy, Data Journalist at Statista has really pissed me off: first the email: "Bloody Foreigners 2,424 British pilots flew against the Luftwaffe during that summer in 1940 and 452 were killed. Many foreign pilots also fought in the battle... ...Britain owes its immigrants a debt of gratitude and amid an air of anger and uncertainty post-Brexit, their decisive intervention at the nation's darkest hour in 1940 seems to be long forgotten by some." FFS, making things worse the article and graph have the title "How Britain owes its immigrants a debt of gratitude" (and btw his graph is wrong anyway missing out at least three nationalities that took part). Niall clearly hasn't noticed the myriad museums and memorials, especially the Polish War Memorial - that I used to pass every week - nor the commemorative services and wreath laying every year. Has he heard the phrase "The Few", or "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"? He probably doesn't know that many of the pilots were encouraged to stay as their homes no longer existed. Worse, he insinuates they are forgotten by xenophobes and ties it all to 'anger and uncertainty post-Brexit'; he can fuck right off. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Offence offensive...

Interesting that the howling outrage mob are at it again. I am talking of course about those that claim racism etc., re Mark Knight's cartoon in The Herald Sun (report in News.com.au)  He says his portrayal was "never about race or gender — rather the sporting superstar’s bad behaviour", something obvious to normal people but not obvious to racists. Knight says he suspended his Twitter account overnight because of abuse towards his family... par for the course for the violent, nasty Left.

Reminded me of the outrage a few years ago in the New York Post, (report in Guardian) re the racism row over a chimpanzee cartoon; people equated the chimp with Obama...so who's the racist? You see a monkey and think it must be a cartoon of a black person? In that Owsblog post there is a cartoon of President Bush as a chimp...no outrage; they are outraged when it is Obama, or Williams...they see a black person and think chimp, or vice versa. They are racist.

Same for the Ross Barkley 'gorilla' "racism" last year [BBC] when Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie compared Barkley to a "gorilla at the zoo". Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson told BBC Sport he reported the article to the police for a "racial slur" because Barkley's grandfather was born in Nigeria...who's the racist? Not MacKenzie but Liverpool mayor Anderson who relates a Nigerian to a gorilla! 

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Obambulating Obama...

Obama,  "a restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness in our government" (snigger) clearly part of the problem; most definitely NOT part of the solution. Clearly his horrendously rabble-rousing comments - apart from being part of the permanent protest - are intended to try to spark the stalling Democrats for the congressional mid-term elections in November but he has just put a massive target on his back. Oh, can I say that? Or is it still racist (last paragraph), despite being what anyone could say about anyone, when it's directed at Obama it must be racist.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Optimistic Ows...

Infographic: The bookmakers' favourites to win the Premier League | Statista

Not the bookies' favourite but I predict Arsenal will win the Premier League this season. 

Chart from Statista

Monday, August 06, 2018

Olfactible oast offering...

A beer for pussies? No, a beer from pussies: the first beer with specific lactic acid bacteria from a selected vagina. Polish brewer* Order of Yoni have produced a beer containing the 'quintessence of femininity.'

Zero Hedge has the details: "Polish 'Vagina Beer' Contains 'Essence' Of Two Smoking Hot Models". "The secret of the beer lies in her vagina". No really, that’s what the Order of Yoni have on their website. And those worried about health issues fear not: the beauties in question "had undergone gynecological [sic] examinations, and then the material was double-checked in the Poznan lab to make sure that the lactic acid bacteria were isolated from the smear." Right, now I’m losing my appetite a bit...

In the Order of Yoni's FAQ they reveal in fact that they don’t brew in their own brewery but that they are ‘a craft brewery’ “that commissions brewing to our befriended, partner breweries”. Not sure whether it’s a joke or not, but they go on to say they are looking for supermodels, actresses, celebrities etc., for a future launch of a special series of beers with, for example, edible gold and saffron. Their strap-line “Bottled Instinct” sounds like a poor translation to me; will it have a yeasty aftertaste?

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Oakus opportunities...

...of the US Oak! :-)

Interesting chart on the Visual Capitalist of milestones for US companies, prompted by Apple's recent trillion USD market valuation, "through a period of over 200 years of U.S. market history. It was inspired by this interesting post by Global Financial Data, which is worth reading in its own right."

Interesting indeed, for example, there I learnt that before 1900, the London & Northwestern Railway was the largest railroad and the largest company in the world (before that the Bank of England held the honour).

The Visual Capitalist post also mentions that Apple is not in fact the first company globally to ever hit the one trillion USD landmark: the "feat was achieved momentarily by PetroChina in 2007, after a successful debut on the Shanghai Stock Exchange that same year." Momentarily because after the one-day tripling of stock value it subsequently collapsed by nearly 80%.

What I find more interesting is the drop by more than a third in the number of companies: from 7912 in 1995 down to 5186 this year. In fact the total number of companies peaked at 9,850 in 1999;  so a drop of very nearly 50% in the first 18 years of this century.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Ova over oil...

Un oeuf is enough as the old classic goes, but in Venezuela the cost of one egg is the same as 126 litres of petrol (3.33 lorry loads) ... no, you didn't misread that. Ludicrous. "La crisis venezolana es una férrea traducción del incoherente manejo que el régimen chavista y madurista le ha dado a la economía del país durante los últimos 20 años, que hoy se encuentra desquiciada y desequilibrada" [LINK]...more or less: 'The Venezuelan crisis is a fierce representation of the incoherent management that the Chavista and [now] Madurista regime has given to the country's economy during the last 20 years, which today is deranged and unbalanced.' Deranged, I'll say; believe it or not...according to Calisa in Venezuela al Diá, Venezuelan Economist José Toro Hardy has reported* that "A petrol truck takes 38,000 litres; 1L of 91 octane petrol costs 1 Bolivar per litre [yes, one Bolivar]; therefore the cost of the truck-load is Bs38,000. Meanwhile a tray of 30 eggs costs Bs3,800,000 (they tell me that it is already more expensive). That leads to the unusual conclusion that the equivalent of the cost of the tray of eggs you could pay for 100 trucks of gasoline." Making an egg the cost of more than three truck-loads of petrol. Unusual? he also calls it 'Awful'; in fact it's fucking obscene and ridiculous.

I was so wrong in early 2006; but also so right later that year: lot has flowed under the bridge since Orinoco oil overflowing..."The Orinoco river oil strip will become the world's greatest reservoir of petroleum for the next years". This may explain why Chavez seemed so cocky and triumphant as he strutted his stuff on his world tour in the last few weeks. In my opinion it only makes him more of a danger."

* Full article: Banca y Negocio