Thursday, March 08, 2018

Obluctation over obmutescent oblivescence...

'Our destiny is frequently met in the very paths we take to avoid it.'

 Jean de La Fontaine, Book VIII (1678–1679), fable 16 (The Horoscope)

Global Populism Rises To Highest Level Since World War II [Zero Hedge]...of course liberals are blaming the Russians or anything rather than themselves. Looking at the article the other image - "Populism Index" - should give us all cause for concern: not since the late 1930s to 1941 has it been so high. Of course one could blame the 'populists'* but that would be wrong: certainly in Europe we should blame the EU and all the anti-liberal anti-democratic anti common sense scumbag politicians who have brought us to this crux. Don't blame the effect, blame the cause. It could still be stopped, literally within weeks if the right decisions were to be taken. The fact that the necessary steps are so obvious yet no politician from any leading nation is taking those steps means only one thing: they want a race war and they want a holy war.

* "Populism is a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against a privileged elite" [Wiki]. Anyone see anything wrong with that?

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Outstanding Osborne...

It looks a bit blurred; click to enlarge for clearer view...
Britain is now running a current budget surplus. OK, I know it wasn't all George Osborne but credit where it is due. An outstanding achievement, albeit slightly later than originally forecast. And guess what, the BBC are actually reporting it, although not on their Home Page, nor main News page and already a long way down the list on the UK Politics page. And, as it is the BBC, with the twist of the knife in the headline link "Cameron and Osborne hail austerity plan" giving it the 'evil' look that allows Labour fools in with such ridiculous comments: "Labour accused them of 'egotistical boasting' while families suffered." FFS, can't think why cuts in spending were necessary, can you, Labour Party? And the plan was NEVER 'austerity' anyway, merely cutting back gross excess and trimming. And when they claim local authorities are closing libraries due to nasty Tory austerity cuts ask them why the same Councils have gambled with public money (hundreds of millions in savings in Icelandic banks revealed after the crash, by 2014 they had most back) and are currently spending hundreds of millions on "punting like drunken sailors" on "hedge fund-style activity". [2017 FT, requires registration]

Anyway, [edited] research published by the International Monetary Fund "Climbing Out of Debt, A new study offers more evidence that cutting spending is less harmful to growth than raising taxes" [LINK] [PDF] said Britain set an example for other countries to follow in slashing the deficit by cutting public spending, rather than raising taxes. [DT] "Our conclusion runs against the basic Keynesian message, which implies that spending cuts are more recessionary than tax increases"... "On the contrary, our study confirms that expenditure-based plans generally were less harmful to growth than tax-based plans.".

Well done David Cameron, well done George Osborne and team. Well done the Conservative Party.

Despite Brexit :-)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ongoing operations; oncoming ochlesis...

There is no housing crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no hospital/A&E crisis: there is an immigration crisis.  *
There is no school-place/teacher crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no doctor/nurse numbers crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no police/fire service crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no infrastructure/road crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no employment crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *  **

Ochlesis is the sickness resulting from overcrowded living conditions, there is a lot of space in our green and pleasant land BUT the UK cannot cope with the continued net migration of a quarter of a million people EVERY year; every year in fact since vampire Tony Blair and his New Labour traitors came to power: a huge increase in 1997 and a further equally huge increase in 2003 from which the average has never really come down. [Migration Watch: it "didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000...was to open up the UK to mass immigration"] Labour wanted more voters, simple as...and Labour Lite (previously called the Conservative Party) continued unabashed. Is this going to be a major cause of civil unrest, if we don't have Holy war first? There is another factor: I am willing to bet everything I own (OK, that's not much) that the emigration does NOT match the net immigration in terms of 'type of person'; by that I mean that although many emigrating will be students finishing their courses, workers finishing their contract etc., many will also be a brain drain, a white flight, call it what you will. Money will be leaving, contributors will be leaving and takers will be arriving.
Yes, a gross generalisation that I cannot prove...but I'd still bet everything that it's true. Go to ANY part of England and you will see thousands of houses being built, THOUSANDS. We are hardly building at all on 'brownfield'/urban sites; we are carving up and destroying FOR EVER, new 'greenfield' land, mature countryside. Anyone who has traveled by train will see thousands on the approach to every urban station acres of mess, crumbled old factories, deserted rubble-strewn wastelands that are NOT being built on...why? Water, gas, electric will already mostly be there, approach roads are already there; nearby schools and shops are already there.

* All this is straight forward and luckily it also has a very simple solution; with the will it could be implemented in a week.
** A total of 497,000 National Insurance Numbers were issued to adult EU nationals in the year ending December 2017 (no non-EU counted in that total...)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Obvious obscurantism or oligomania...

Hah! The smoking gun, the proof they've promised...and promised...and...nope...Zzzzz. "Thirteen Russians have been charged with interfering in the US 2016 election, in a major development in the FBI investigation". Yea, major development. Take that Trump; take that Conservatives; take that Righties, take that Brexit lovers! Below are screenshots from the BBC Home page and their main News page and their page of news on this story...already the bubble was popped, hours ago...but they must keep on: Nelly the elephant [in the room] packed her trunk and said goodbye to the [media] circus - Trump Trump Trump - but the BBC, CNN et al are just so fucking biased and getting more ridiculous by the day. Jon Sopel and Anthony Zurcher are beyond pathetic. Two lines you will NOT see anywhere in the BBC report:
"There’s no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge."...
"There is no allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the election"

What the BBC DO report: "He also appeared to acknowledge Russian election meddling - something which he has in the past cast doubt on despite US intelligence agency assessments." They are so fucking biased that it must be intentional, editorial policy. So, you think there's anything on or against Trump? You think there's anything that hasn't gone on in every election in most countries for many decades, except for the modern technologies aspects obviously? [And certainly BY the USA in dozens of countries]. You think? Sorry, not so. This is nothing; this is ONLY about using social media to influence people.This isn't a nothing burger, it's not even the screwed-up paper wrapper of a nothing burger.

The next Trump bashing is already in the pipeline, although I'm sure it'll be the Bishops being bashed if you know, what I mean [adult content].

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Oxfam overload...

Some defence of Oxfam...and some not. First the defence: despite Guido's post today on the official Oxfam staff training guide on sexual exploitation, Oxfam do make it very clear - on pages 126 and 135 of the guide that most important of their non-negotiable principles in the Sexual Conduct guidelines Code of conduct are the following:

"To clarify: you must not demand or accept sex or sexual contact in return for goods or services from you or Oxfam." Clear. So, as Guido asks, is it really impossible to have a no tolerance policy for this?

Chez Stumbling and Mumbling believes that there are certain mechanisms at work in this and similar situations: ego-depletion, moral self-licensing and - whereby organisations can 'drift away from their original purposes' - the iron law of oligarchy.

Of course, much of the hoo-ha is political (of course!) but we've known for decades that Oxfam is "Leftist, anti-British, anti-capitalist and corrupt".[Conservative Woman]** It turns out that the Oxfam trustee Caroline Thomson, who made a 'full and unqualified apology' is an ex-BBC grandee who received - only 6 years ago - a nigh-on 1 million dollar pay-off when her bid to become director general floundered as 'she was dragged into the controversy over the cover-up of the activities of paedophile Jimmy Savile...and hence - of course - into a row over excessive pay-offs for BBC executives! [Daily Mail].

It's the all-too-common merry-go-round of BBC-quango-charidee-New Labour-EU gravy train once again! Her father was a Labour MP (then SDP), later made a Lord. She joined the BBC; husband political activist and very close friend of Peter Mandelson; he co-authored The Blair Revolution; a policy adviser to Blair and aide in No 10 for seven years; embroiled in Lobbygate [remember that? Only one year into the New Labour disaster but still several years before any UK MSM really took them to task] ; later an adviser to European Commission and now "having been ennobled for long service as a Blairite ultra is a key figure in the Lords in the battle against Brexit." They are an archetype couple of the New Labour stay-behind army that has the nation so blighted, the Civil Service is also full of the same.

Finally, to add injury to insult, the chairman of the charity Oxfam International, Juan Alberto Fuentes, has been arrested as part of an investigation into a corruption scandal although, as is made clear, "his arrest is not related to his role at Oxfam"; just unfortunate timing.

** please read the excellent responses there on this subject, especially from Mike, now probably a long way down the comment thread. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Oxfam obitual oakum..

Oxfam have been warned they could lose official funding (not fundraising income). To be honest what is going on is hardly a surprise but the depth of depravity in some of the news and the witness/whistle-blower statements is sickening: the complaints, the covering-up, the bullying, the Catholic Churchesque moving of culprits to other areas, the harassment etc are bad enough but where is the due-diligence in hiring/taking on/controlling/ managing these fucking cunts. [edit: now we hear of rape and attempted rape of co workers before even starting any relief work..."around 10 percent of staff had been sexually assaulted and others had witnessed or experienced rape or attempted rape by colleagues"]. What the fuck is wrong with some people; do we have to BAN men from doing this sort of work?

We've thought it - through anecdotal mutterings - for multiple decades; we've actually KNOWN about it for literal decades (Sexual Violence & Exploitation: The Experience of Refugee Children in ...[insert country name here]).

That's one side of this shit-storm. The other side is more manageable: we've called them fake charities for years and we continue to read about the "fat-cat pay, appalling waste and hidden agendas". The multiple billions being poured into 'charidees' with their multi-million mid-London office rents, lavish exec lifestyle and merry-go-round appointments for New Labour and Common Purpose apparatchiks. Another reason to hate Tony Blair and associated cunts.

In the UK charities are a massive massive 'industry': eighty BILLION GBP is the estimated total annual income, which equates to 120+ quid/year for every man woman and child in the country (if the official population census figures are to be believed...ha-ha). However this mammoth amount is well spread with about 200 thousand registered charities and nearly 200 thousand more unregistered (bear in mind however many schools, churches, all mosques etc are also "charities". More than 10% of the £80 billion is spread amongst the top 100, charity financial spotlight on the Top 100 are listed HERE (PDF) with the top 10 raising 2 billion, swelled to 3 billion by government funds (so we are giving at least twice). Interestingly "Faith-based charities dominated the fastest-growing fundraisers".

Friday, February 09, 2018

Oxfam Oxscam...

Oxfam, Oxscam, Oxslam, Poxscam...[with thanks to a few comments at Guidos's]. "A confidential report by the charity said that there had been 'a culture of impunity' among some staff in Haiti and concluded that children may have been among those sexually exploited by aid workers. The 2011 report stated: 'It cannot be ruled out that any of the prostitutes were under-aged.'" [Link: Times £££] There's helping people in distress and there's "helping" people in distress. Over the last two decades Oxfam seems to have become little more than a failing political lobby group (paying it's high up staff small fortunes of course), this news will just convince many ditherers that - along with fraud, sex abuse allegations, deaths caused by workers etc. - they were right to eschew another faux 'charidee'.

Worse than expected: [LINK"A Times investigation found that Oxfam, which receives £300 million a year in British government funds and public donations, allowed three men to resign and sacked four for gross misconduct after an inquiry into sexual exploitation, the downloading of pornography, bullying and intimidation."

Update: In the interests of fairness here is Oxfam's statement of reaction. One snippet: "That the event took place seven years ago and involved a small number of staff is no cause for complacency. This is not the first story of sexual misconduct Oxfam has faced in recent months. We have not done enough to change our own culture and to create the strongest possible policies to prevent harassment and protect people we work with around the world. We are doing that now with all our effort."

Friday, February 02, 2018

Obelus overuse...

A Twitter fest! #MemoDay (read in full on Axios: involves FBI, DOJ, Democrat Party probably Hillary Clinton, possible Obama. Bigger than Watergate) and #Treasurygate ensure that - as well as the rugby - there will be much joy over the weekend. In the UK so far, on both issues, the BBC and Channel 4 news have been in ultra-unbelievable lies-omission spin mode; their full authorised coverage below: