Saturday, May 18, 2019

Overt obfuscation: only one option open...

"So there is only one option open to us. Which is the same option we peacefully – and truthfully – used when we were granted the opportunity three years ago... ...This time we will say it again. Perhaps this time they will be forced to listen." 

So concludes the ever-excellent Douglas Murray wrting at Unherd: "The reason people peddle lies about Farage. The Brexit Party's opponents seem determined to ignore its obvious appeal".
Worse still, it appears that this political class is intent on stopping that vote coming into effect, claiming – essentially – that although there were indeed two options on the voting slip in 2016, only one of them was actually permissible. There are, among that political class who are arrayed against the public, some who cannot disguise an unmistakable tone of malice, rage and (yes) hatred." 
The disgraceful Marr, the idiotic liars (Alan Duncan you Twitter twat) all get a mention. Marr again this week will fail given that there is no Brexit reperesenative on his 5 days before the EU elections [Guido]. Back to Douglas Murray: "For the past three years, we have learned that it is no good being silent – for silent majorities can be overridden with ease."

Another good read: Oliver Wiseman at CapX: Is the Brexit Party bigger than Brexit? ...very probably! "The rise of the Brexit Party is a phenomenon that manages to be at once both completely astonishing and entirely unsurprising."
"The astonishing bit is that a party that did not exist a month ago is on course to win next week’s European Elections."
"The question now is whether the Brexit Party is merely a product of the strange Brexit twilight zone we find ourselves in, or the harbinger of a more permanent change." I think it is, I have never seen, heard or felt what we are expereincing now; nothing even remotely like it.

Hold your nerve Nigel and steer straight and true.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Optophobia over oncoming omnishambles...

i.e. scared to look at the political earthquake that is coming. Numbers are amazing, hopefully the actual results will be even more so. Anyhoo...

Good piece at CapX from Matt Singh: "The polls point towards a dramatic realignment. Are they right?" "Two of the three latest polls have shown the major parties’ combined share dropping below 50 per cent... ...This is extreme by historical standards – the only precedent came at the height of the SDP search after the Crosby by-election in 1981, when the equivalent number was 46.5 per cent. That aside, there hasn’t been anything comparable to this level of fragmentation in Britain since polling began 80 years ago."
The polls point towards a dramatic realignment: Matt Singh on CapX
I disagree on one thing in Matt's excellent article: "However, the Liberal Democrats are also picking up votes... While it can be debated whether these gains are solely due to Brexit, it is clear that the movement is not solely on the Leave side." Hmmm, I wouldn't mind betting that the LD gains are where there is not another 'protest vote' available and people put their 'x' by LD because they aren't CON or LAB. And of course we all know the polling accuracy of recent years hasn't exactly been much to crow about.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Only one option...

Literally only one option. Conservative Party doesn't exist, toast, by their own hand. Labour Party Marxist extremists against their working class support (figure that one out!); Liberal Democarts pathetic liars not Liberal nor Democrat; Green party not even green and definitely not sensible; ChUKaSourpussChange whatever the fuck they're called (four names and counting) simply a bunch of chancers with tiny majorities (bye!); UKIP drifting too much to be mainstream (pity!); Independents could be an option but dig deep and check them out...generally, there is simply ONLY ONE OPTION:

Not only will I vote for them but I am a registered supporter AND a donor: not bad for a 'non-party' with no policies!

Friday, May 03, 2019

Overtly open operators II...

Following on from the previous post: 'Why May put Huawei before security', by Bruce Newsome writing at Conservative Woman:
"Here is where the Huawei scandal links back to a larger scandal of machinations to favour the EU over the US, to favour macro-economic vanity over national security, to favour authoritarianism over democracy.
Huawei is already embedded in Britain’s elite..." [...]
..."So there you have the full sordid web of anti-American interests, inter-personal backstabbing, civil service authoritarianism, weak premiership, and economic corruption that make this government put Huawei before security. May’s government is sacrificing national security, the special relationship, and Brexit in favour of Chinese money and EU integration."
A worrying trend in all this is that the UK's unaccountable civil servants - mainly rabid EUphiles are being given far too much power and can pretty much do as they please: Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill being the latest example leading to the sacking of Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson over the leak of the National Security Council’s decision re Huawei. Sedwill actually sits on the same NSC so that decision stinks too! Treason May is enabling this abuse of power to the nth degree, we saw it re the Chequers debacle, the Withdrawal agreement itself, various other sackings (the Priti Patel ousting too) which entirely coincidentally see pro-Brexit ministers replaced with Remain stooges.

Update: Mark Wallace's take is well worth a read: "Risking our security. Risking our alliances. Opening our infrastructure up to China is a risk too far."

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Overtly open operators...

Are you listening Mrs May? Away with you; Huawei with you. Don't take your treason over Brexit to even higher levels by selling our security down the river: I can't believe you (and the Coalition and Cameron before you) and your dumb-arse advisors knew nothing of this. "Vodafone Found Hidden Backdoors in Huawei Equipment". "Europe’s biggest phone company identified hidden backdoors in the software that could have given Huawei unauthorized access to the carrier’s fixed-line network in Italy..."[Bloomberg]

Although this was several years ago and was promised to be fixed, nothing was done.The UK further risks being alienated from our closest allies, 5 Eyes and the Angloshere by such debilitating actions; another reason to get free from the EU and the over-reliance on Huawei: "[it] is simply too important to Europe's telecoms infrastructure. Spurning Huawei would put Europe at risk of falling behind the US and China in the race to build out 5G infrastructure."
"Vodafone asked Huawei to remove backdoors in home internet routers in 2011 and received assurances from the supplier that the issues were fixed, but further testing revealed that the security vulnerabilities remained, the documents show. Vodafone also identified backdoors in parts of its fixed-access network known as optical service nodes, which are responsible for transporting internet traffic over optical fibers, and other parts called broadband network gateways, which handle subscriber authentication and access to the internet, the people said. The people asked not to be identified because the matter was confidential."
Hat-tip: ZeroHedge

Monday, April 29, 2019

Outstanding opportunities outweigh obedientiary overburdening IV...

Little comment from Ows, no need: Ewen Stewart (Director of the think-tank Global Britain; needless to say it but I will, it is Eurosceptic) writes on Brexit Central today: 'Global Britain just became the world’s top investment destination (despite Brexit, of course)'.
"Another week and another piece of good news in the real world – not the parallel, unproductive world of Westminster."
A dozen examples of good news stories, "The Jeremiahs of Remain were completely and totally wrong on almost every front", followed by: "Let us look at what has happened over the last two years:
  • Inward investment – the UK for the first time ever is the global number 1, displacing the US;
  • Investment is broadly based across numerous sectors including manufacturing, IT, financial services and business services; 
  • Unemployment is now the joint lowest since 1974; 
  • Total employment is now 32.7 million – the biggest ever, growing by 800,000 since the referendum – contrasting with the Treasury’s predicted 500,000 fall in employment immediately on a leave vote – a positive gain of 1.3 million jobs over what was predicted; 
  • Wage growth in February was 3.5% – the joint highest on record (with 2008) – ahead of inflation which was 1.9% in the same month; 
  • The UK minimum wage is the highest of any major country in the EU and twice that of Spain, three times that of Poland and six times that of Romania. No wonder the UK is a beacon for workers; and,
  •  GDP has grown each and every quarter, in contrast to the absurd Treasury forecast of a fall of 5%." 
Contrasting this with the EU is an eye-opener for those unblinkered; most of us know it anyway but the Remainers seem not to want to see.
Bizarrely the Conservative Party is so in awe of its failing Brussels cousin that it has lost the confidence to demonstrate our own strengths. The Conservative Government is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory based on a false reality and shameful distortion of the facts.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Owning our owed outgoings...

The belt-tightening after 2008 hasn't continued; did it really even start? All I see and have seen over the last decade is people spending like crazy, wanting everything now, the austerity that never was...there may be trouble ahead.

Infographic: UK Borrowing Surpasses Most Other Countries | Statista Click on image to link to article. You will find more infographics at Statista

"The rate at which UK institutions, households and businesses are borrowing money is greater than that of all other OECD countries. This fact is alarming some economists not only because the rate of UK borrowing is high against the country’s GDP, but also because households, business and state coffers are running a deficit simultaneously for the first time since the 1980s"....

" Not included in the data by the OECD are overseas investments by Britons as well as foreigners’ financial business in the UK. Here, another troublesome statistic emerges. While the UK had been running a net profit for overseas lending and borrowing in the past, the situation has reversed since the financial crisis."

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Oggi, oggi, oggi II...

Happy Saint George's Day! And here in the beautiful Southwest I say, who will earn the 'keys to the kingdom'?* Who will end this Brexit delay, who will stop this drag-on... I'll get my coat, whilst I admire Google's doodle:

The courageous fighter who was a Roman soldier, a Roman soldier who became a Christian, a Christian who defied and emperor... :-)

"Happy St. George's Day...and isn't it a fine one! A day when, for centuries, the English celebrated as 'a major feast and national holiday...on a par with Christmas'. With the forming of the Union this began to fade; celebrations were non existent or subdued but recently - with state recognition and self-determination being the flavour of the moment - are more numerous and growing."

* “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered” (Luke 11:52).  

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Overt obscurantism...

Just as the 4 - 5 months of yellow-jacket protests in France have seen minimal reporting by the BBC, so too the thousands of service veterans who marched on Good Friday - organised by the Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans - demonstrating against the prosecution of Soldier F, an ex-para - who faces murder charges for killings on the Troubles 'Bloody Sunday', 47 years ago, has seen almost NO coverage. When the Crown Prosecution Service announced the prosecution of Soldier F there was and is ongoing exacerbation that the UK government has handed amnesty to the terrorist murderers of the IRA, who were sent 'comfort letters'; live in peace dears, we'll just prosecute our soldiers instead.

Credit to the Daily Mail for their good coverage [DM] and some other print press but nothing (zero, nada, zilch) from the BBC.

A similar tale to last weeks 'Rolling Thunder' when thousands of bikers protested the same thing. "Around 8,000 riders snaked through central London in an organised go-slow protest. Park Lane, one of the busiest roads in the capital, was closed to allow the bikers to form up." [DT].

Admittedly there was some traffic inconvenience: "Traffic was brought to a halt around Parliament Square and on Westminster and Vauxhall Bridges as the protesters, engines revving constantly, slowly made their way through the city" but no gluing themselves to anything, rubbish littering the streets or general stupidity as with the 'green' protests.

Compare this to the wall-to-wall 24-hour coverage of the great unwashed eco-loons protesting that socialist redistribution of wealth climate change action isn't happening, or at least not fast enough. Like the idiots of the COP who meet every year thinking they are Gods (Omnipotent ocracy obreption). 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ostara's opera...

[edited 19th April, a.m.]...more than one opus to enjoy reading (along with the comments) this celebration of Ä’ostre (or Ostara), by complete coincidence now also Easter.
"Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated "Paschal month", and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance."  [from De mensibus Anglorum, De temporum ratione. Bede]
Anyway, the reading, firstly:  "The long road to Brexit" on 1828. Margaret Thatcher's momentous 'Bruges Speech' ignored...a potted history from the 1960's to German reunification, ("The euro's creation was mainly the result of longstanding French frustration with the supremacy of Germany’s Bundesbank...") and up to present day and Brexit.
"Referendums were held on the Nice treaty, rejected by the Irish in 2001, the European constitution, rejected by the French and the Dutch in 2005, and its reworked version, the Lisbon treaty, rejected again by the Irish in 2008, who were asked to vote a second time on both." "The treaty of Maastricht, signed in February 1992…, the UK secured an opt-out. This was the first major British deviation from the European project... "[1992] the Danish population rejected the Maastricht treaty in a referendum, resulting in a Danish opt-out from the euro..."

"Referendums decidedly rejected the EU's preferred outcome in Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, and Hungary. And Britain's Eurosceptics had been craving a referendum on the EU for decades. So in order to stem the rise of Ukip, Cameron offered a public vote on EU membership in January 2013. The rest is history." [sic]
 A very Interesting read. 

Secondly, and somewhat related, "Entrenched: Fifteen years of BBC bias over Europe"; David
Key: pro = pro EU etc.
Keighley's piece on The Conservative Woman. Details from News-watch, or very full details HERE (PDF). Spoiler, it's about a show with Mark Mardell, yes, he of Obamamessiah complex, cringingly tainting BBC's US coverage for several years. Anyhoo, this show was about Brexit; basically, for an example of the bias, 58 speakers (48%) offered a positive opinion on the EU (or former EEC) or a negative opinion on Brexit, whilst 50 speakers (41%) offered a negative opinion on the EU (or former EEC) or a positive opinion on Brexit...doesn't sound too bad you say, but of those speakers a total of 64-71% of speech was pro EU, a 9:4 ratio bias.

The PDF is only 143 pages long...enjoy :-)

Thirdly but by NO means third in importance: The Donald just keeps on winning: