Saturday, May 19, 2018

Out of order obvious obstructionism...

Another post straight from Brexit Central, no apologies, the site has been on my main links (above) since the first message they sent out. Sir Bill Cash MP - an actual Conservative unlike some most many of the current party - on the dangerous shenanigans of the 'Wrexiteers': 'Failure to reverse the Wrexiteers’ changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill would undermine trust in democracy itself.' Quoting and lauding Lord Framlingham:
"...without any doubt, these days will go down in history as the House of Lords at its worst"... ...I know that irreparable damage to our reputation has already been done by the antics of these dark days. We have set ourselves up in such a disreputable way, as guardians of wisdom and the common good… simply in an attempt to wreck the Bill and thwart the will of the people, which is both false and dangerous."
Indeed. Well worth a read and follow the links too. Sir Cash ends on a serious note:
"The greatest danger which we now genuinely face is whether those who could now step back from the brink do so or whether they continue on a path which would totally undermine trust in democracy itself. To do so would be fatal."
My emphasis. The unbelievable behaviour of the Lords makes me believe that total reform is inevitable; maybe that was their underhand intention all along. But of course it isn't just the Lords: a couple of ex PMs - the arch vampire's fingerprints no doubt all over much of the current machinations -  many many MPs etc seem to think that working for a foreign power is not only acceptable but preferable, taking their shilling from the UK populace; filling their mouths and pockets, stuffed with gold at the people's expense, whims and personal protection paid for by that populace, yet all the while undermining them. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Outstanding oration VI...

...from Martin Pike (retired Commander of the Royal Navy and a supporter of Veterans for Britain) on Brexit Central: Starmer must account for why he is coordinating with foreign powers opposed to Government policy; it is not just Starmer: there a number of MPs, ex MPs, ex PMs MEPs, Lords and others that should look at themselves and think: would I have been executed as a traitor in other times? The answer of course is YES!
"In the meantime, Sir Keir Starmer and his ilk should consider carefully whether their actions are indeed justified. They should consider what mandate they have to discuss Brexit issues with foreign negotiators and whether they believe in democracy or not. To oppose the Government of the day within the UK is what the opposition is about and is beyond reproach. To coordinate and collude with the foreign powers opposed to Government policy, to pass inside information which potentially damages the UK’s interests and to publicise such actions as somehow honourable is entirely something else."
Nemo unquam sapiens proditori credendum putavit. (No wise man ever thought that a traitor should be trusted). – Cicero, Orationes In Verrem, II. 1. 15.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Overwhelming oppression offence...

United Nations rapporteur Tendayi Achiume, in her end of mission statement, wants "to conclude with a celebration of the resilience of racial and ethnic minority communities, including those among them who, notwithstanding the overwhelming challenges and oppression they face, continue to fight for racial equality in the UK": I guess we're all bigots and Brexit and austerity have made it worse. "As a start, I recommend the full implementation of the Lammy Review recommendations"...ROFL, ah, the 'lamm-basted' painfully poor review that was rightly ripped a new arsehole recently? Raheem (on Twitter) has it spot on:
Regarding race and tolerance etc I doubt things have changed that much since THIS was published five years back, or the findings of over 85,000 people from 61 countries between 2014 and 2015 HERE. Do UN 'rapporteurs' actually go to really racist countries for their 'missions'? I think we know the answer to that.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Obvious obscurantism IV...

And such obscurantism indeed! What with the Brexit debacle, with the House of Lords and Civil Service advisers blatantly trying to overturn the country's will. "Disfunctional mandarins must be culled" [and not only re Brexit]: once again Raedwald hits the spot, putting into words what every sane person in the country (that is aware of any news) is thinking:
"It takes a certain stubborn stupidity to make errors so gross, so culpable, so utterly mindlessly inane and keep on making them again and again, but the senior civil servants running the Home Office have made a career of it. The minister has had to go, of course, and this is right. But if one of her muppets had explained to her that they would be deporting"...
..."As Brexit has shown, the top ranks of the civil service are in desperate need of root and branch reform. Criteria for promotion and selection for mandarin rank are clearly disfunctional if such pointless, useless muppets continue to be appointed to PUS and second and third tier posts. Ministers deserve more; Amber Rudd deserved more. For Gods sake, let's use Common Sense as a prime candidate criterion, not Common Purpose."

Most of the comments suggest that The Home Office is well aware and that this is definitely no accident: indeed the UK version of the Deep State is full of the sort of people that still think communism can succeed.

Back to Brexit; my rant re the eternal whining of champagne socialist Remainers, in reply to the Tweet (left): I don't understand? I agree about the owls BUT ...'Does J.K. Rowling not know that Remain lost? They were the fear-mongering, they were more racist and insulting. They were more EU corrupt flag-wavers. And narrowly won? Is she kidding? That 4% difference in perspective of other referendums is MASSIVE, the Welsh Assembly for instance won with 50.3%...yes, fifty point three percent; did anyone moan? MASSIVE too when you think 80% of the cabinet voted Remain, 57% CON MPs voted Remain, 96% Labour MPs voted Remain, 100% Lib Dem and 100% SNP voted Remain. Nearly ALL big business voted Remain and encouraged their work-forces to vote Remain; the government illegally used nearly 10 million quid to send leaflets to most households encouraging people to vote Remain. Almost very single world leader said we should Remain including that twat Obama (even the ones who have since said they can't wait to do a deal: Australia, Japan etc). The constant lies and scare tactics by EVERYONE involved in the Remain campaign...their rebuttal? "oooh, but, but...the bus the bus" (which was not a lie by the way). They blamed the death of Jo Cox on Brexit too and seem to forget that everyone under 40-45 knows nothing other than life inside the EU. Plus the status quo always has a built in advantage (fear of change etc)....and still...STILL Leave won!! Don't they realise the massive, MASSIVE significance of that? Most incredible of all, none of the tsunami of whinging fuckwits like that Gina woman, Gary Wankeker, Rowling (have they taken in any refugees yet by the way in their multiple massive properties? They seemed to think we should) and Voldermort (Adonis!) et al, seem to realise that they are the problem and I have yet to hear anything...ANYTHING positive about remaining. They simply cannot put the positives; they just slag off and belittle "Leavers". CUNTS And I forgot to mention most of the 'slebs', the Church, the Courts, the Charities; in fact every fucker they asked said we should Remain. And who can forget the BBC bias!!! National EU [anti Britain really, in everything] propaganda channel...ALL CUNTS!!!'

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Original omniana...

Another 'image' post (you'll need to click on it and enlarge even more to read it properly...or maybe it's just my aging eyes!). Thought this could be improved but funny nonetheless. Not sure of source; found it a week or more ago on the now sadly completely diminished comment section of order order.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Odd ones out...

I'm guessing that all these items have at some stage been confiscated! Saves laughing at the costumes (or voting!) I guess.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Obvious obedientiaries...

Posted without comment...amazing; presumably not an April Fool prank...:

Friday, March 30, 2018

Opaque or obvious observations...

Reading Alasdair Palmer's article "The stop and search race myth" in The Spectator earlier this week a number of points came as no surprise (Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, wanted to look good with black voters, special advisers editing out important info, SJWs critical of the police’s racist use of stop and search, the stats showing many times more likely to be stopped and searched if you were a member of an ethnic minority etc.) but at least one point was a surprise (although obvious when considering the title of the article!): it has actually been shown that it really is a myth. Palmer names - but doesn't link to - THIS report, by P.A.J. Waddington and others: 'In Proportion: Race, and Police Stop and Search'...but this doesn't stop politicians pedalling lies.

It has long been obvious to everyone - EVERYONE - except lefty liberal dimwits, lying politicians, IYIs, guilty or blinkered BAME etc., that stop and search is always going to be bias against the profile of those committing the crime. Why stop ginger grannies when 'a big black dude' was the assailant? That said, on those grounds alone, all the innocent big black dudes would get pissed off if they kept getting stopped and searched. Looking at the image to the above, you'd think, hey, that's racist: indeed, in some years it was 6 or 7 times more likely to get stopped if you were black. That image is Fig 3 on page 8 of THIS Police Federation report from 2012; nearly a decade old data but things haven't changed that much overall. HOWEVER, this supposed race bias is countered and proven false when one considers (a) WHEN the searches are done and (b) WHERE the searches are done e.g. from Palmer:
"[The team of Home Office researchers]... discovered that when you looked at who was available to be stopped and searched when the police were actually stopping and searching on the streets, the ethnic bias disappeared. In fact, the police stopped slightly more white people than they should have done if you looked solely at their proportion of the street population."
Oops. Somewhat supporting this IMHO is a more recent report from 2015: 'Stop and Search: Exploring Disproportionality' where in Leicestershire the perceived (by the police officers) ethnicity was of those stopped was 68% White European, 19% Asian, 10% African Caribbean etc., (Self‐reported ethnicity had high agreement with officer perceived ethnicity). i.e. represents what's there in front of them, not police racial bias.

This is reminiscent of Overt omissions, obvious outrage: the lies surrounding the stats re police killing blacks in the USA where the numbers are skewed: "These disparities mean that virtually every time the police in New York are called out on a gun run—meaning that someone has just been shot—they are being summoned to minority neighborhoods looking for minority suspects."