Saturday, March 04, 2023

Oncoming oppression III...

...or is it IV, or XV?! *
Image credit Imperial War Museums [LINK]
Ministerio de Propaganda

If you tolerate this, Then your children will be next [MSP Lyrics] ...but it's already too late, your children - or at the latest their children - will be dead or slaves. Not about WWIII the West is trying to start, not about Madrid (Spanish Civil War) but certainly involving multiple equivalents of the Ministerio de Propaganda

What am I on about? Just yesterday YouGov (yeah yeah, know who they are and what they are...and polls suck, but hey-ho) released a poll; it coincides with the highly suspicious controlled release of Government Tweets during the pandemic, nudging us towards blaming just a few crass 'incompetents' for two years of of totalitarian oppression and gross negligence that caused multiple thousands of deaths (probably millions worldwide, and certainly more than any virus).

The poll: "In hindsight, thinking about the government's handling of the Covid‑19 outbreak, do you think their approach was generally...?"

Now, one would think, especially now with all the information that is openly being reported [facts that many - mostly unjabbed - had, by complete coincidence, or magic, or something, knew years ago] would mean that anybody even remotely lucid would say, with absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that the government's handling was absolutely and utterly bat-shit (see what I did there?) crazy; high-handed jack-booted face-punchingly fucked up crazy...'d be wrong. Thirty seven percent (37%!!!) of all adults thought the government wasn't strict enough. 

There are several break-downs of the full numbers: gender, age, region, politics and social grade.  For the most part it is similarly split: in 'Politics' no surprise the lefty liberal fuckwits wanted harder lockdown, as did Remainers. In gender, males were slightly higher than females in 'Too strict', and fewer males were 'Don't knows'; similar to females in the lower social grade: they too were higher 'Too strict' and fewer 'Don't knows'. 

BUT, the major tell, the point of this post, and the highest number throughout the poll: in the Age section (see table below): over half (51%) of 18-24 year olds thought the government's approach was 'Not strict enough'. We're fucked. They are doomed.


* Previous posts: Oncoming oppression, Oncoming oppression II although - rather embarrassingly - I note I used those same two titles before: the first in 2008 and 2009, and the second in 2011: several pages of Oppression posts HERE, no surprise that many are in last last three years.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Obsigning overflowing obsequies...

"Excess mortality in the EU in December 2022 soared to +19% of the average number of deaths for the same period in 2016-2019...". Seen before but The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter just reminded me.
The missing gaps will be reported soon: "Data for Sweden and Italy will be published at the end of February and mid-March, respectively", from Eurostat's own Statistics Explained page

For context "the excess mortality rate was +30% in December 2020 and +24% in December 2021"...but why are so many people still dying? 

It certainly can't be a coronavirus and with all the deaths from the panic that pushed us into the first lockdown [link added 21/02: hastening death, creating fear, getting the numbers to allow totalitarianism measures], plus the winter of 2020 you'd think - to put it very bluntly - the very weak, vulnerable and near-death would all have been taken, no? Yet all through the last two years we're still seeing scary numbers from everywhere: 

...same in the UK (even Owen gets it but not for all the right reasons!)

...same in Australia ("In 2022, there were 144,650 deaths that occurred by 30 September and were registered by 30 November, which is 19,986 (16.0%) more than the historical average"

...same in New Zealand ("New Zealand has recorded the largest increase in the number of registered deaths since the 1918 influenza pandemic, new data from Stats NZ shows"...wondered why Jacinda legged it?). 

How is it possible that this isn't the biggest media story ever? We had daily updates when they wanted you scared; now crickets and tumbleweed: they're scared you'll find out.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Oriental's ocean obligation...

Visualized: Ocean Plastic Waste Pollution By Country [LINK: Visual Capitalist

"Millions of metric tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year. While half of this plastic waste is recycled, incinerated, or discarded into landfills, a significant portion of what remains eventually ends up in our oceans. Where does all of this plastic come from? 

In this graphic, Louis Lugas Wicaksono used data from a research paper by Lourens J.J. Meijer and team to highlight the top 10 countries emitting plastic pollutants in the waters surrounding them." [Link to research

Spoiler: Brazil is the only country not in Asia to make it to this top 10 list.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

'Octagonal object': overt obfuscation...

"U.S. military brings down flying object over Lake Huron near Canadian border"...[Reuters]

WTF is going on. Nothing then four separate 'UFO's in a week? One not so unidentified was a Chinese balloon; what will this 'octagonal object' be? It doesn't matter: it is just to distract you; take your pick: Ukraine farce, Epstein list, Biden crimes, COVID jab murders, Jan 6th truth...[adding from Clown Basket: the major chemical spill/train derailment in Ohio and US navy bombing Nordstream I...] so many things to not report on... 

...oooh, look over there, a squirrel!
Update: UK version of things not to report on: Ukraine farce, Epstein list, net Zero energy hikes, hostile rape-intent fighting-age-only flow of immigration, [soon to become] gang-rape 'groomers', drag/trans/gender mental health issues, COVID jab murders, Sunak digital ID ties/oncoming CBDC, Brexit bretrayal...

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Obmutescent over obsolete obstetrics...

...well, not obsolete yet but we're heading that way. 

As David Bell says on Twitter reviewing the bad cat's latest Substack: "Since 9 months after mid-2021, birth rates have widely fallen. If only something consistent had happened then, like a change in climate or a monetizable virus outbreak, the media would be able to discuss it. Even public health agencies might."
bad cattitude: "the timing of the inflections both for commencement and for leveling off at low rates once vaccination was widespread are striking and (as laid out in the link above) there is strong a prior reason rooted in clinical studies to suspect durable fertility suppression from mRNA vaccines." [sic]
"...but the trends seem widespread and no one is having a good 2022."

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Outstanding oration...

Well worth seven minutes of your time; if you haven't already begun to think like this you should start pretty soon.
From Mikki Willis of PlandemicSeriesOfficial, Our Birthright...[Video link]

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Omnifarious opportunities or Overlord: OpenAI

Skynet took just 25 days* to become self-aware...

Who knows. Last week Spartacus had a talk with ChatGPT : We've Come a Long Way [LINK]. This is Open AI's Generative Pretrained Transformer ('ll have to wait now because it got to over a million users in about a day, with almost zero media coverage!). 

Have a read, the chat is very complicated, we're way beyond Delphi and Sophia. 

Despite the reservations and limitations that Spartacus mentions in the conclusions, it sounds mind-blowingly good. 
"Also, with how fast these deep learning neural networks are improving, and their potential for sudden and hugely disruptive innovation across a wide variety of industries, all I can say is, buckle up. Things are about to get very, very weird." 
More at Epoch Times from Hans Mahncke [LINK] who was 'blown away' by it. 

By the way...Artificial Intelligence in fiction has been around for about 150 years! Funnily enough on the Wiki page (yeah, yeah, I know) on the 'Implausibility'..."Engineers and scientists have taken an interest in the way AI is presented in fiction. In films like the 2014 Ex Machina or 2015 Chappie, a single isolated genius becomes the first to successfully build an artificial general intelligence; scientists in the real world deem this to be unlikely."...erm, Open AI is Elon Musk's baby [late edit: Link added]

[Apologies: sign-up or £$€ may be required for some of the links.]

* Very later edit: this was in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Overcrowding or overreacting III: observing oncoming oneirodynia...

...we've been here before. Do [Are] my visions of future nightmares akin to The Camp of the Saints [PDF book link] overegging the pudding? Well, is anyone surprised about the newly released ONS data on ethic groups in England and Wales? Bear in mind this is the actual divulged information given to census representatives or filled out on the forms/online; I am sure it is all 100% accurate and the reality, no extras hiding, no unknowns** {sarc off}.
Census 2021 info is finally coming out...yes, 'finally': in case you hadn't noticed we are 30 days from 2023...why the delay? One snippet [in London] "36.8% of people identified as “White: English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British” in 2021 – down from 44.9% in 2011."...under 37%, that isn't very high is it, even for a 'metropolis'? 

More: "As part of the 'White' ethnic group, 74.4% of the population in England and Wales identified their ethnic group as 'English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British'".
  • 87.5% in 2001
  • 80.5% in 2011
  • 74.4% in 2021
This isn't prejudice; it isn't racist and now it isn't a conspiracy theory either. Yet another one becoming fact; think that's 25-nil now. 

** And we also know that anything up to a million or more are unknown, that is confirmed by government personnel, and the current polemic of the English Channel taxi/RN/RNLI people-trafficking service is a trickle in comparison. Hence weak politicians cries for an amnesty etc (to stop/hide the headache).

Monday, November 21, 2022

Omnivore order...

Well what a surprise...not. "Red meat is not a health risk. New study slams years of shoddy research"...[LINK] both parts of that title deserve looking at, the shoddy research becoming more and more of a problem in every field of science. 

  • Studies have been linking red meat consumption to health problems like heart disease, stroke, and cancer for years, but these invariably suffer from methodological limitations. 
  • In an unprecedented effort, health scientists at the University of Washington scrutinized decades of research on red meat consumption and its links to various health outcomes, introducing a new way to assess health risks in the process. 
  • They only found weak evidence that unprocessed red meat consumption is linked to colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease, and no link at all between eating red meat and stroke."
More HERE with both sides of the argument ("Red meat causes heart disease. Except when it doesn’t?" link pre-pandemic) from the same Big Think.

More here, very good 'both-sided' article and comments: No Chris (Carmichael, Founder & Head Coach of CTS) we won't: Will We Ever Stop Arguing About Red Meat? [LINK]

Ows opines: eat what you fucking like, just don't overdo it, and do some exercise (walk). 

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Oops. Oh-oh...

No hiding now: hundreds of thousands have died: will there be an accounting? Excess deaths are through the roof and no one is on telly every night telling the people. Why not? Because it isn't a virus anymore, and errr... just maybe it's the solution they provided that is the problem? 

Joel Smalley, whose Metatron Substack is Dead Man Talking, writes (and The Daily Sceptic also carries) that Sweden Wins! Sweden Wins! Country That Refused Lockdown and Kept Schools Open Has Lowest Pandemic Mortality in the World.
Just if you think Joel is 'hiding the real numbers by doing it by total excess deaths then:
"The somewhat less meaningful COVID death tally (per million population) does not have the same relative magnitude since different countries use different methods for recording what is and what isn’t a COVID death, on top of the fact, of course, that it’s a Pyrrhic victory to mitigate COVID deaths at the expense of higher excess non-COVID deaths."
Also, just if you start to think 'Hey, New Zealand and Australia were right to have full-on totalitarian jackboot lockdowns, look how well they doing!'...erm, it's been getting a lot worse there since these figures were compiled (excess death-wise). The whole piece is worth a read especially the conclusions, and Joel's final comment:
"It might just be me but I don’t think stupid politicians, greedy pharmaceutical companies and academics whose careers depend on pharma funding are the best people for the job."
Not entirely unrelated immediate update: Only last month I mentioned that "They have done more to grow worldwide vaccine hesitancy in the last 30 months than in the previous 60 years or more" and lo and behold eugyppius brings us this:
"To the surprise of nobody, it turns out that the campaign to increase vaccine uptake via social exclusion, threats, lies and firings has reduced public confidence in vaccination across the board
And links to the new paper: "Is vaccine confidence an unexpected victim of the COVID-19 pandemic?"

yes yes, only several million of us thinking that but FFS, whooda thunk it? Amusingly (probably to enable publishing?) the publishers wrote "Paradoxically, despite the success of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, vaccine confidence has significantly declined since the onset of the pandemic" [facepalm]

Update: as an afterthought really; no need to go into a rerun of the tit-for-tat 'Norway is better than Sweden' that we had to endure from the naysayers during the pandemic, desperate to avoid naughty Sweden looking good: 2019 deaths were a big factor in 2020 COVID fact they were in the UK too, a good part of our Spring 2020 death surge was those that hadn't dies the previous winter...all water under the bridge. God forbid we overreacted?

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