Saturday, April 02, 2022

Obmutescent over outrageous 'overhead' oblivescence, or obscurantism?...

Withholding data, denying knowledge...or maybe they just forgot. Why are no governments checking/investigating/anything (!!) re the growing MOUNTAIN of evidence of Covid jab deaths? 

My maths may be wrong but thanks to pimaCanyon for the analogy that follows. pimaCanyon commenting on The Naked Emperor's recent post 'The missing number in the Pfizer report to calculate death and adverse event rates.' ("All is revealed"). "Using the hidden number, we can work out that the fatality rate of the Pfizer vaccine was 0.0000097%. This might seem like a small number but that represents 1 death in every 103,199 shots or approximately 10 deaths per million injections." 

OK so far? Also remember that this is based on doses presumed injected (who knows how many are in storage worldwide). Also based on reported deaths to the various vaccine injury databases [EUDRAVigilance (EU), the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme (UK) and VAERS (US) etc.] which, are VERY underestimated (admittedly with the Covid jabs this may not be the case...they mostly come at night...mostly). And yet another 'also', many/most countries haven't released any data/do not record such. Australia does btw: "more side effects than ALL drugs combined since 1971...". Not funny. 

Anyhow: back to the point: these very underestimated numbers: 10 in a million. How many aeroplanes are in the air? Quite a lot. How many people are flying each day (old numbers, but lots; pre-pandemic six million people flew somewhere everyday). As everyone knows, flying is one of the safest ways to travel (again, old data but holds true), fatalities falling

So, six million people fly somewhere everyday: imagine that jab number, 10 in a million, dying: 60 (SIXTY) people every day. Imagine a three-quarters full Embraer 190 (not the plane in the image; sorry Embraer guys, it's just the aeroplane I use the most!) crashing and killing all passengers...every day...EVERY DAY. 

Do you think there would be some sort of worry? A wee fret? A hushed whisper of concern? A small investigation? One or two questions asked? Do you? Well that is what is happening with the Covid jabs. And remember that is a massive underestimation. 

Update: Will Jones at the Daily Sceptic has a lot more info and links HERE: "How Many People Have Died From the Covid Vaccines?" ... 
..."There’s a lot of smoke here rising from what appears to be a considerable amount of fire. While it’s not possible with the data publicly available to quantify precisely the number of people the vaccines are sending to an early grave, what data there are indicate the number is not small, and may be very large – in the tens of thousands in the U.K. Certainly more than enough to be ringing alarm bells that ought long ago to have triggered drug suspensions, urgent investigations, proper controlled studies and detailed reports. That very little of this appears to be happening – and that the authorities continue to repeat the mantra that the vaccines are safe as they roll them out to ever younger age groups – is disturbing, to say the least."
VERY disturbing! We've been saying for a while and now it is becoming so obvious as to be ridiculous: SOMETHING IS WRONG!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Our ocracy's obvious omissions...

"...nothing would be more fatal than for the Government of States to get in the hands of experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge, and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who knows where it hurts is a safer guide than any rigorous direction of a specialized character." 
― Winston Churchill
CALL TO ACTION: COMPLETE SURVEY FOR PUBLIC INQUIRY the Together Declaration reminds us that we "have until April 7 to respond to the Government's draft Terms of Reference for the Covid-19 Inquiry. It is so important that we complete this as currently there are very obvious omissions in the scope." [my emphasis]
The Terms of Reference for the UK Covid Inquiry - where you can contribute as individual or organisation - is HERE. Avoid a whitewash

If any help is needed to fill in the survey visit the TOGETHER WEBPAGE "which aims to simplify the process for you and offer some guidance on points to raise.

TPTB are trying to leave it all behind, hoping we'll forget. Never forget that SARS CoV 2 didn't do this; Covid didn't do this; unelected megalomaniac lackeys, numerous has-beens, arch jobsworths, IYIs, "experts", champagne socialists and bad politicians did this.

Update 03:25 BST: I have just submitted my response and received their acknowledgement.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Offensive Oscar outrage or odious objicients II...

Indeed, the II in the blog-post title is because this is the second time. The second time on this particular subject but far from only the second time Oscar organisation is in the news. In 2019 I wrote "Another 'backlash', another hoo-ha; would anyone - apart from from those taking part and their guests - actually remember the Oscars was on if there wasn't this annual pre-event outrage at something?". Well, did you know/remember? Do you care? *

In 2016: the first time, I wrote "Once again the natives are getting restless. Oops, can I say that? Another whitewash; another blackout..." but not literally this time because two of my favourite actors are nominated. Not my favourite black actors, just favourite actors (by the way, they're not white). But like then, I again say look at the graph in the image (as always, click to enlarge); admittedly this is a few years ago now but it shows black actors (you know I mean male AND female when I say that, right?) are OVER represented in the winners**. 

What say YOU to that Mr. Frederick Gooding Jr. and Dr. Ronald E. Moore?  'The Oscars Are Still So White' [FFS]. And lucky the Latino, Asian and 'Other' ethnicities aren't so weak and paranoid as to want 'equality'. You'd hope so BUT the further we go down the woke rabbit hole the more you know the winners will probably not be there on merit. So sad, so stupid, so racist!

Bearing in mind that since 2020 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is bending over backwards (no word of a lie I read that linked site as 'Virtue' the first time I read it) to make sure it ticks as many boxes as possible. What happens with hot [update: ***] star talent like Ariana DeBose, do they get to tick three boxes? 

* Sadly, and the first time I can recall it being this bad, of the 12 films represented in the four 'bill-topping' categories (best actor, best supporting, best actress, best supporting) I have only heard of TWO of them!
**  Heaven forbid - maybe they deserved it! 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Osaka: one of Old One's offspring?...

The official Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai character design was released this week: based on the winning logo design by Group E, Team Inari (back in 2020) 

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn writes Daniel Hannan, alluding to the resemblance to one of H. P. Lovecraft's fictional deities (the Great 'Old Ones') Cthulhu

I see what he means. Right up there with our own Laughable London Logo Low: remember our Olympic Obscentity, at the time I wrote the following: "Truly, mind-bogglingly, disasterous and above all embarrassing; complete and utter crap...really; I honestly hope it's another hoax." [sic] 

[edit 26/03: just to be clear, the current Osaka one (the red bit is the actual logo) is nothing like as bad as the 2012 London Olympics obscenity (Lisa Simpson giving a blow job/Iran saying it spelt Zion) I linked back to]. In fact it is growing on, not like some Clathus ruber but in a nice way.

Update: 0150 hrs: "I'm reminded of the 'Vote Cthulhu – Why Vote For The LESSER Evil?' meme that goes round at election time" comments Zerren Yeoville posting on Samizdata.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Opus on opaque Ostpolitik...

Not looking good. John [The Slog] in outstanding form on 'Germany and the Russian Debt Bomb'. THIS is Part 2

The 'appetiser': "you probably failed to notice this, but Russia paid its due debt installment in full last Friday. You probably didn’t see that, because the MSM blanked it." [sic]

The entrĂ©e: "In a nutshell, driving Russia into default risks a nuclear chain reaction that is impossible to predict….and anyone telling you otherwise (eg the Pentagon) is lying." 

The conclusion: "...there is one depressing certainty in 21st century life: our economic system, US democracy, EU fiscal stability, media investigation, bureaucratic rules, banking credibility, corporate governance, NATO information, health science, civil policing, military intelligence and financial sectors are all irreparably compromised by greed, mendacity and unachievable globalist megalomania." 

I am presuming too that you have all noticed that China, India (and very early on Pakistan, "so much excitement") and now the Emirates are all overtly not-quite-cosying-up to Russia but certainly not turning them away and making gains while the EU and the UK are failing and going backwards at every level, even propaganda. 

And off topic but really very much on topic, you know what hasn't gone away:
"The choice is ours. We can either go back to sleep and follow the shiny baubles of the latest breaking news on the MSM news feeds or we can continue to focus on the creation of the biosecurity state..."

Monday, March 21, 2022

Ottawa opinions...

Only referring to Ottawa because the poll was taken there. ** 

I was stunned and as per Jack Posobiec's tweet, it is "Fascinating". 

The reason I post it is that in my experience (not a lot!) but it seems to be the same with most people I have spoken to. Before with Blair/Brown, the Conservatives, EU, Climate Change, Israel, Brexit, Trump etc., most people realise I am right and accept the real truth ( ;-) ) but with Covid and now Ukraine the whole thing is off-balance (they're wrong and I'm still right). 

 ** 10 seconds to search, why do people ask (several tweets in response to Jack) when it is so easy to find, and even get a copy of the data tables from this survey and/or a copy of the questionnaire that was used for the survey.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Official opening of 'ovum'...

No, not eclosion, but a Curate's egg: thus described the article by Dr. David Livermore (Professor of Medical Microbiology) on the Daily Sceptic website (f.k.a. Lockdown Sceptics). Baroness Hallett has said she will do her "utmost to ensure the Inquiry answers as many questions as possible about the U.K.’s response to the pandemic, so that we can all learn lessons for the future." and Prof Livermore has listed and commented on what the inquiry will cover [and hence cover up]:

Basically (a) 'democratic accountability and the use of advisory committees.
But, if Government is to subcontract its functions to unelected technocrats, these should include a range of specialities. SAGE is completely dominated by modellers, behaviourists, and public health medicine, with a single fixation on COVID. They say that it isn’t their remit to consider the wider societal effects of their advice. Handing control of anything complex, let alone a country, to monomaniacs is generally unwise. 
(b) the gross use and abuse of propaganda. "In March 2020 SAGE notoriously opined that: 'A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened. The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.' PsyOps were then used to terrify citizens

This made me go back a year and enjoy reading [yes, honestly!...and from there follow links again] a couple of posts re PsyOps and the oppression of Lockdown lies

(c) it will cover delivery of vaccines but not their success and failure! and 
(d) economic effects, which, to be honest on its own could be a million pages. 

He has also commented - knowingly - that "No doubt others, below the line, will augment my list." And they have, adding what should really be covered: I hope rtj211 doesn't mind me to doing a c/p below:

  1. Midazolam.
  2. HCQ, Zinc, Ivermectin, budesonide etc.
  3. Ventilators.
  4. Lock down of healthy people.
  5. Closing of schools.
  6. Vaccines not properly tested.
  7. Destruction of the autopsy system.
  8. Corruption of death certification.
  9. Deaths amongst the young due to vaccines.
  10. Millions of major adverse events globally ‘not being due to vaccines’.
  11. Taking advice from serial incompetent modeller Neil Ferguson.
  12. Funding of unaccountable tsars by BMGF.
  13. The corruption of the WHO, significantly due to financial inputs by William Gates III.
  14. The changing of the definition of ‘pandemic’ to ensure that SARS-CoV2 caused one.
  15. Ridiculous focus on PCR testing to benefit private individuals not focussing on responsible public spending (T cell testing would have been the way to go there).
  16. Fraudulent and corrupt claims about masks.
  17. The NHS becoming a Covid19 service.
  18. Appalling advice about exercise and being in the fresh air.
  19. Absolute ignorance about how to create vitamin D in the body (experiencing healthy doses of sunshine).
  20. The societal divide during Covid – middle class children loving playing in private gardens, poor children cooped up in tower blocks not allowed out.
  21. Work from home professionals becoming richer, those in the service industry sector banned from working and becoming much, much poorer.
  22. Deliberate destruction of UK-owned SMEs to benefit billionaire-owned TNCs.
More have been added already.

Suffice to say that the RUS/UKR situation is also being abused and a total propaganda shit-show by all sides, I genuinely would not be surprised to see "The dastardly Hun bayonets babies" sometime soon.  The politicians and media conveniently forgetting their direct and indirect murder and manslaughter of the last two years....and ongoing. 

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Outstanding outburst on Ottawa ooze and Ozzie outcasts...

With no comment necessary and almost two weeks old: Douglas Murray on Sky News in Australia (not the replica BBC/Channel 4 twats Sky News UK) on just a water hole Castrito (juste un trou d'eau) and outcast Australia. 800k views, 42k likes and no (ZERO) dislikes. Trudeau, Jacinda and the Aussie prats just need to realise that being a Fascist totalitarian cunt just isn't on...