Sunday, June 11, 2006

Overriding outfit outlay...

...overdressed they were not!MADRID (Reuters) - Hundreds of nude cyclists pedalled around Spanish cities on Saturday to protest against car-clogged streets and demand greater respect for pollution-free transport.
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With slogans like "one car less" and "bio methanol" painted on their backs, the naked cyclists staged Spain's third annual
Ciclonudista or "Nudecycle" in Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona."Barcelona has the most bike paths of any Spanish city, according to cycling activists."...they got the pics up quick! Website and photo links added by Span and are not from the Reuters article. The Independent tells us "Britain is in the grip of a cycling revolution as clogged roads, concern at global warming caused by air pollution and the quest for improved fitness persuade millions to opt for pedal power." Thanks to Londonist for leading me to that article.Now it does sound like it could be painful on certain organs or orifices (o's!) but not according to Bike for All - Nude cycling: no seams to rub makes it more comfy than you'd think...

That's according to the organiser of Brighton's World Naked Bike Ride on 10th June. The bohemian Brighton ride will take place in the morning, allowing participants to also take part in the London event in the afternoon if they travel (clothed...) by train or car.

'isn't riding naked uncomfortable?' Surprisingly, for both women and men, riding naked isn't really less comfortable than riding clothed. When riding with clothes, you're often rubbing against seams, so in some ways naked cycling is comfier."

...and finally, from the beeb (but the usual spin in the headline!) - Cyclists go naked in oil protest

"London rider Melissa Evans, 33, said: "The ride is fun, but has a serious side as well. By going naked, we show our vulnerability as cyclists in the traffic.

I'd like to see London become a city for cyclists and not cars. Most of my friends would love to ride bikes here in London, but they're afraid of the motor traffic."

Lots of London riders (Six, David, Lucy et al...were you there?) If you missed it DON'T WORRY: you can go next weekend! Solsice Cycling dot org would love to hear from you - June 17, 2006 will mark the 18th Annual Summer Solstice Parade & Pageant, and the fifteenth year that naked cyclists have participated in the parade....the link is to a Canadian ride but don't let that stop you! Just get ya kit OFF and get ON ya bike.


The Great Gildersleeve said...

Not far from here we had that artist who asks crowds to turn up and remove their clothes and be photographed around various capitals or cities around the world.

And a few days ago some bike ride was organised in York for some reason.

I guess what is a bit like double standards is that if someone suddenly walked down the street in the nude they would be arrested or get a public order against them and probably end up in court but if its done on mass for some cause or for what is classed as artistic its allowed or acceptable.

flyingfinn said...

I cannot see that it is not uncomfortable for men. Especially if you're used to wearing pants instead of boxers. It's good to have a bit bit of support for ones tackle, so that nothing gets caught between thigh and saddle.

Span Ows said...

"I cannot see"...sorry Finny, the first three words threw me a bit and I thought you were going to confess to something! ;-)

I agree though, how can it be comfortable!

I go for the Calvin Klein 'Body' Trunk, in white...God I look sexy (well I would if I wasn't so fat!)

Gildy, your last point is a poser, I agreee, when is it a publicnuisance/indecency and when is it not!

Re the Yorkshire ride, it's in one of the links I think, I know I read about it during my 'research'.

Lucy said...

Uncomfortable for women too (ouch just thinking about it!)

Nudity - It seems to be getting everywhere these days. I guess the diference between the rambler and the mass protests is the shock/ threat factor.
I know I would feel threatened if a naked man was walking towards me in the street.
An organised protest with police presence would have a different atmostphere, somehow.

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Lucy, why on earth would you feel threatened if a naked man was walking down the street? I would think it was funny and at least the vulnerable bits are on show to aim for should he get frisky!

Curmy said...

Sounds very uncomfortable to me, and what about having to clean the saddle every time you've been on the bike (Ugh)
Usual taste in photos I see Span !

Span Ows said...

Not pervy though curmy - more artistic. I did find one that was porno (the only description that truly fits) but I thought it a little too much...ahem, no I did not miss the word 'about' from that last sentence!

Mags, I guess it is what that naked man is doing and who he is looking at that could define him as threatening or not! For instance if he is reading a book and looking away then...not a threat; if he is in a state of arousal (ahem) and playing with the engorged organ whilst leering at you then a posssible threat...

P.S. Lucy I am hurt - you didn't mention my blog on the dok's thread...I know I shouldn't expect it but you had commented here before answering there...sniff :-(

Span Ows said...

...this wasn't the picture I meant - this is just the cycling club I've just joined:

cycle club

Paul said...

Thing is you get a bit sweaty in this weather -last thing I'd want to see is a sweaty arse sticking to a leather seat.

Span Ows said...

Paul - also the last thing you'd want to HAVE...peeling it off at the end could be agony! Iran there are many, MANY beutiful women. A side that the 'outside world never sees' - imagine a gushing cool mountain torrent flowing down a pretty rocky valley of a snowy capped mountain, with top class restaurants built onto the sides of the mountain so you sit outside but in heated canopies because of the chill air...there are hundreds of people filling the restaurants, families, couples, groups, all well dressed, the women wear colourful, expensive clothes and tiny scarves over their heads - they look lovely...all this 15/20 minutes from the centre of Tehran.

These are the people who move the country, the Mad Mullahs might run it but if they becoem too strict in their interpretation of Islamic 'rules' then there could be problems. When I was there in November there were new stricter rules about the head coverings...only because, quite naturally, the ladies were trying to show off as much of their beauty as possible and the scarves were getting smaller and smaller...their version of the western beach phenomenon of swimming costume to bikini to mini-bikini to thong.

Span Ows said...

curmy - the above was in answer to your comment on the post below!!

I've answered there too with a possible 'real' reason why they refused me entry.

Lucy said...

Isobel, you have more confidence in you self defence abilities than I!

Span Ows said...

Well you must be pretty fit with all that yoga Lucy, why not combine it with a bit of self-defence, most of which is about being fit enough in the first place but it will also give you a more confident mind-set....either that or let your nails grow long and sharp for...well you can imagine!