Friday, August 18, 2006

Orange obtuse over ousting of 'orismologist'...

From the Guardian: 'Lefty lexicon' lands Orange executive in big trouble: Mobile phone company Orange has suspended its community affairs manager after he posted what he termed a "lefty lexicon" on the blog site ConservativeHome which includes a description of Islamophobics as "anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work…. (From the title: Orismology [n]. - the science of defining or explaining technical terms)

The Guardian tells us that “Orange has received a flood of complaints from customers”...but how?…here’s how:

A campaign against him was mounted on the website of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. Yesterday it emerged that Mr Wilson has been suspended pending an internal Orange investigation. A spokesman for MPACUK said Mr Wilson's views were extremely unhelpful at a time when British Muslims are increasingly being subjected to bigotry and prejudice, and bordered on racist.

…and interestingly, look at the address window when you follow the Guardian link: it is under this archive:!!!

From the ConservativeHome site: Inigo Wilson manages community affairs for a large telecoms company. [we now know who!]. His favourite blogs are ‘the Belmont club’ and ConservativeHome...He is a regular reader of Commentary, National Review and The Spectator. Go to the list via the link in the article on the ConsHome site or go straight to it here. Inthe article Inigo Wilson had some interesting things to say:
And there is evidence to be found in official communications not only of the changed language but also the altered priorities it attempts to mask. You can find some particularly rich hunting grounds among the well-stocked leaflet displays of Metropolitan Police stations. No one yet has formally announced that the Met doesn’t 'do' ordinary crime, but each flyer makes it clear that if you are one of the large range of very modern sounding 'victim' types, then you are the priority for modern policing.

I touched on something similar when I posted on Officers Out Of Order, re the various Associations of Police and the strange reaction by the AMP (Association of Muslim Police) to what I would have thought would be normal police procedure; here is another example of how they seem to do anything but ‘be policemen’. I know I’m being unfair to them, after all it’s government policy they follow.

Finally, there is the language of race and rights activists, part of the rainbow coalition of charities, pressure groups and human-rights lawyers. Between them, these contributors have built a whole new linguistic system to communicate with each other - and us. As for the motive, well, if you want to hide some things and advance others while relatively undetected, then what better way to do it than by using language that has slipped the moorings of any tangible meaning. And every day is now 'a good day to bury bad news'.

The actual Leftie Lexicon is really rather good but there’s only one entry for ‘O’: Organised labour - what Lefties used to be interested in….other examples, and the ones that (I presume) have caused the grief are, for instance:

Legitimate grievances - foreign affairs: why we're all to blame for deranged Islamists murdering people in the developed world.
Liaise - the day-to-day process of Lefty Government. Replaces 'work'.

Relevant - education: something badly written, with references to sex and full of swear-words. Always better than literature by 'dead white people'.

Religion -
• Christianity: irrational, dangerous belief that material things may not be the principal motive behind human behaviour.
• Judaism: most Israelis are Jewish, so probably 'intolerant'.
• Islam: always needs to be 'understood'.

Inigo, if you hadn’t mentioned ‘that’ religion’ nobody would have cared! Please read Inigo's Lexicon but we also know there’s some "great" (i.e. crap) ‘management speak’ already out there, we had
this on the beeb not long ago but this info on, apart from starting with my favourite politician joke, has some classics:

MANAGEMENT SPEAK: I'm glad you asked me that.
TRANSLATION: Public relations has written a carefully phrased answer.
MANAGEMENT SPEAK: That's a good question.
TRANSLATION: I don't have a good answer.
MANAGEMENT SPEAK: That's an intriguing notion that merits additional thought on the part of our best people.
TRANSLATION: No. (hehehehe)



Curmy said...

I read about this on some blog yesterday, I think it was the blog called "Drinking at the bar" It was one recommended by Ian Dale, and BBC Bias.

Span Ows said...

Hi curmy, Iain Dale's Diary is in the top 10 (top 5?) blogs read in the country. I like him a lot AND he wrote a tribute to Margaret Thatcher. The other blog is possibly 'Drinking From Home' (look to the left of your first comment and you'll both blogs linked in my sidebar - he is a member of the Witanagemot Club as is Iain Dale) I read both of their blogs this week re the Orla Guerrin bias reporting scandal - caught out by C4 reporting in the same place- she saying the whole town is a wreck etc etc...when it turns out to be a couple of streets!! (how embarrassing hahahaha)...but I didn't see this story, I saw the thread on the MB!

:-) ...but Iain has an update today, I think he's going on the radio to debate with the Muslim group I mention.

Gavin Corder said...

Christ if you keep posting at this rate I'll never catch up!

Will you be in, in Barcelona, I mean in September? Latter half...

Curmy said...

Yes I like Ian Dale's diary as well.
I wish I could have seen that debate.
Do you know how I could copy and paste the Lefty Lexicon,? there's a few people I'd like to send it to !

Span Ows said...

curmy, you can copy from Free Republic where it's in 'open' form:


GAVIN! Hellllloooooooooo Stranger! Where've you been hiding? You'll have to be more exact on dates but at the moment things are looking 'tight'. First week I'm in the Baltic States but we have a big do in Madird on the 8th so I'll be back then. After that I've got to squeeze in a week in the States (important) and hopefully a week in the UK (semi-work). When I have cates fixed I'll let you know or you let me know when you've sorted your dates. (Mags in coming out soon too - October)

I shall now go and see if you've posted! Yes, I've done quite a few and did 3 on Saturday last - Augustus does more but to do it daily/ multiple post daily it needs more dedication!

The post with the picture of Glastobury was my first 'England' post.

Gavin Corder said...

I didn't copy your post you know! Great minds think alike!

We're looking at coming over to Barcelona on business (for which we could really use meeting up with a Spanish speaker...) and research (Marseilles etc) after Alex's retakes 15th September and before his term starts proper at beginning October, so he can babysit the little folk. Sounds like you might be here when we're thinking about being there! Damn! I've got a proposition for you! (Oh er!)

Curmy said...

Thanks Span

Span Ows said...

You're welcome curmy! I'm off to read Iain Dale's to see if he has reported on the debate.

Gavin I answered over on your blog just in case you see this first.