Sunday, May 20, 2007

Objurgatory opinion...

objurgate v. - rebuke; scold. objurgation, n. objurgatory, adj.
The truth will out...a damning confirmation of Tony Blair's real legacy is that Blairism is nothing (my conclusion):
"According to the survey, 80 per cent of UK respondents said that hospitals were either no better or worse than in 1997, with 72 per cent seeing no improvement in schools."
This is a Harris poll by the FT, to be published tomorrow (, Monday 21/05/07) which also states that "Opinions on Mr Blair’s domestic achievements, at least on the economy, are more positive overseas, above all among the French, who seem even more enthusiastic about his record on growth and jobs than America." The FT Harris poll not only takes opinion from the 1000+ UK residents - numbers similar to most other national polls - but also 1000+ contributers from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the USA. "Predictably, Mr Blair scores particularly badly on foreign policy, with only 15 per cent of UK respondents concluding that he has had a positive effect."
Such a poor rating – attributable to Iraq – reinforces the argument that foreign policy has been Mr Blair’s undoing.
There are various polls with similar conclusions: basically that "50 per cent of respondents think taking part in the invasion of Iraq was the prime minister’s worst mistake" and "39 per cent of respondents mention [as a good thing] the lasting peace settlement for Northern Ireland."...this from last week's You Gov poll, (courtesy Angus Reid Global Monitor) almost identical in questions and results to a BBC poll ten days ago (Bad: Iraq 48%, Good: Ireland 38%) as discussed HERE on Baldinio's "My page" Blog.

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