Monday, September 24, 2007

Optimistic opening...

Well I still seem to be posting about teams that play in red and white - England, Georgia and now Arsenal - the mighty Arse! (club link through badge) Things have been going so well that I thought I'd risk a mention - touch wood, fingers crossed: the news that the new stadium is helping push Arsenal to the top of the richest clubs league helps things...but of course there are both Russian and American billionaires circling with 21% - and reports that an increase to 25% is possible - and 12% respectively. Of course the loyal fan base helps, witness the 59,000 showing up for the CL game compared to the 25,000 that bothered to see Chelsea squeeze a draw with minnows Rosenborg (stick knife in and twist...I just know all this is going to come back to bite the arse!)

However, as is clear, the financial results are only half the story: on the field the results are even better; the fact that they are playing so well, something most people didn't think would happen and saying that they needed some big guns (OK, OK!) some major signings etc. Well the club seem to think they have with MD Keith Edelman telling BBC Radio 5live that "These results demonstrate we really don't need any outside investment," adding:
"We secured all the players we wanted in the summer and manager Arsene Wenger did not spend his budget."
A really young side suddenly looking good, a fact that boy-wonder Francesc puts down to, amongst other things, being liberated of TH14 (that doesn't mean we don't think he was a demi-God for Arsenal!)
"Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas says Thierry Henry's departure has given the team the freedom to play without fear."
...the comeback to whip the evil Spuds, the fantastic result against Sevilla in the Champions League (I must admit that I thought 1-0 or a 1-1 or 0-0 draw would be the outcome), then the thrashing of poor Derby all make for a 10 all this is sure to be me putting my foot in it...cue losing in the Carling Cup tomorrow or the headlines at the weekend...will it be "Hammers outgunned" or "Young Guns hammered"?

Whatever...the future's bright...but there is a dark side...


Paul said...

Well we did the double over you last year Span so perhaps we'll let you have a draw this time round.

I liked Mr Hill-Wood's comments in the Independent today about Peter Kenyon's world domination plans - about time somebody came out on told him the truth.

Chelsea are the 21st century's Notts Forest - a shock league title, a League Cup and a disappearing fan base. They only difference is that Forest won the big one - twice!

Span Ows said...

Oh, I hadn't forgotten! The near fisty-cuffs from Arsene was memorable enough!

I read those coments and was impressed by what he said (he had clearly read my blog post :-/

...well the bit about Manure and Liverfluke was shockingly honest for those Arsenal fans who've joined the fray only since AV took over...and of course Arsenal an honourable third in that list if overall leagues, cups etc are added up.

Many would be loathe to agree with the fact that Chelsea are a parvenue and the way things are going they seem to be not planning on staying long!

Span Ows said...

P.S. I wasn't sure about that 3rd strip (the dark'ya get it? eh? eh?) but now I think it will look rather cool. The new white and redcurrant away strip doesn't convince me at all...looks like a poor Aston Villa type mix.

Six Years Late said...

I love this Arsenal team, they play with the vim of an under 15s side and the tactical awareness that comes of playing under a master of the game.

Span Ows said...

Bloody hell Six! Welcome are of course 100% right. I was really happy with the Newcastle result as well...played with nigh on a completely different starting eleven!

Six Years Late said...

Sorry I've been away. I lost my appetite for it all a bit dfor the past few months, but I'm back reading all the blogs now and enjoying it again.

Span Ows said...

Good one, glad you're feeling better too. A 'rest' from posting/blogging is actually quite a boost athough sometimes it's harder to 'get back into it'!

Gooners 0-1 today, and had the better chances although Freddie's goal should have stood - but it didn't..arf, arf.