Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ominous overtones II...

Chavez's eductaion policy
Artwork by Claudio Muñoz
In Venezuela a leaked draft education plan has confirmed what some feared: "VENEZUELAN parents can have any schooling they like for their children—so long as it's red. That is the message from President Hugo Chávez and his elder brother Adán, a Marxist physics teacher who is the education minister.

(Picture link to the original 11/10/07 Economist article)


Kenji Mouchard said...

Not sure what your point is here!
So long as they beat the RSA who cares!

A Falklands reunion is what we all want and with Jonny and his scuds a certain outcome?

Chill getting kids to school is half the battle!

You must teach me to bed on line!

Happier Days!


Span Ows said...

One track mind! I'm doing varied posts knowing that another rugby one will follow this weekend and didn't want to have a long line of rugby/sports posts; mind you it would be a good thing to write about (see post below!)

What Chavez is doing now is of great concern (to me at least!...and Venezuelans: he is now going beyond being a clown and is becoming a danger to generations of children)

Now, your link...I've sent instructions but HERE it is. One quote I cannot believe:

"The problem is expected to be even worse this year as Easter falls early. Easter Sunday is on March 23, while the school holidays are not due to begin until April 4." What teh fuck? Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday etc are all more than a week BEFORE the school holidays start? What's all that about?!!

Paul said...

I saw your post about Che on the world board Span and I was one of the loonie left who didn't rise to the bait!

Span Ows said...

hahaha...I must admit I was surprised; you're not the loony left Paul...the Left yes... but loony? I don't think so.