Friday, November 30, 2007

Outstanding observations...

The outstanding observations I speak of? That would be An Efflux Of Labour Effluvia posted today on The Huntsman.

"As the Rats emerge blinking in the sunlight from the sewer that is the Labour Party, the spectacle of Comrade Harman ripping into Comrade Brown like two ferrets in a sack will cheer everyone who despises Labour and all its rotten works. Let us hope it gets significantly worse before it gets better."

I was led there from Ian Dale's Diary: Top 50 New Labour Sleaze stories - first posted 18 months ago the list is now at 90 plus...probably a few more with all the latest news - but looking at the reams of seemingly endless lists of New Labour Sleaze it made me wonder why people still try to compare New Labour's constant and rank corruption with the 'original' Tory Sleaze which, quite honestly, pales into insignificance and would indeed probably be a distant memory had it not played a major role (no pun intended!) in costing them the 1997 election. Referring to The Huntsman again in the post Banana Republic News - with other links to "Labour’s sleazebaggery - it is deeply extensive, far too large for this blog but you can savour the rank putrefaction of their corruption" - [what a way with words!] we are reminded of that sleaze, which became many of the final nails in the last Conservative government's coffin. (the list is part way down but it's worth reading the whole post)

"Most of us were utterly repelled by the sleaze exhibited by individual MPs as the last Conservative Government put on the rictus that precedes rigor mortis. Many Tories must have stayed resolutely at home as a result and have stayed at home resolutely ever since."


Kenji Mouchard said...

The pathetic and corrupt posturing by a government that is disappearing up its own proverbial - It fools none.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the detective in charge of the inquiry he would welcome "the fullest possible investigation" and had told staff, MPs and peers to "cooperate fully".

Something similar was said in the cash for honours fiasco. However this time Brown has already admitted the law has been broken!

The timing remember was when Brown was planning to call an election and the war chest was low on funds. Mmmmm, draw your own conclusions!

I look forward to Abrahams producing the individual thank you letters he says he has for each donation. If they were sent, then there must be one for everyone else – get my drift!

Harriet Harman has admitted that she failed to declare the source of the £40k to successfully fund her deputy bid!

And Wendy Alexander the Labour Scottish lead.
"The only defence Wendy Alexander and her team seem to have left is that they acted in good faith, but in total ignorance, of the law. When Wendy Alexander signed her letter to Mr Green, did she not think to query the Jersey address?

My God they are all at it! But no one knows the origin! or if they did ignorance prevails! Worry all these ignorant MPs and officials – How do they do there jobs?

Up steps John Yates for another stab at breaking the ranks of the Labour rear guard such Jon Mendelsohn!

Span Ows said...

...and it goes on...and it goes deeper...remeber we're only talking about the last couple of years...I wouldn't mind betting rotting corpses are being dug up and buried elswhere as we speak. I'm convinced there's more just under the surface and hopefully this has got a few investigative journos busy scrapping away the leprous flesh that as we speak is flaking in putrid, scabby lumps from the NL visage..., where's my breakfast :-)

What I find even more amazing is that some of the media are still trying to claim "there's nothing to see, move along please" - almost on a par with Comical Ali saying there were no enemy troops in Baghadad whilst in the background the coalition tanks in trundled in...

Kenji Mouchard said...

Yet again I feel prophetic with another ‘dash for cash’ story in the The Mail on Sunday to support the then potential election.

Mahmoud Khayami, a French citizen, has given a total of £830,000 in the past eight months, making him Labour's biggest individual backer after Lord Sainsbury.
The party said it would launch an investigation after The Mail on Sunday discovered that:
Khayami made his first donation - of £500,000 - just 24 hours after becoming legally allowed to do so, by having his name added to the Electoral Roll.

Not exactly an exclusive though as the Guardian ran a story in June!,,2094318,00.html

Poor Gordon Brown may well be undone by Labour legislation designed to show transparency that they believed the Tories did not have.

Although the enquiry has yet to begin it is not looking good for them!

The beginning one feels of an extremely rocky ride!

Span Ows said...

Nice one Kenji, here's the link in clickable form! "Khayami is a close friend of Labour-supporting "fixer" Anthony Bailey, whose clients have included Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe regime, and whose own £500,000 donation was rejected by Labour because of fears it had come from foreign sources."

...and this would presumably mean they were seeking donations from someone who couldn't actually LEGALLY donate at the time because it's hard to believe that New Labour didn't know of his wish to donate until the dosh rolled in...

Paul said...

I have read your post and Kenji's comments I'm not proud of my party believe me. Mind you, we still haven't seen two prominent members sent to prison (Aitken and that author blokey) - runs and hides!

Span Ows said... worries Paul, despite my political alliegence I 'don't bite'

Both Aitken and Archer deserved all they got, I'm still one of those who insist that the reasons they got into libel suits etc and went to court (not the perjury) were totally pathetic (one out with a hooker, tried to deny it, called his secreatry a liar etc) the other getting hotel bills paid (my God you should see some of my expenses!) but denying it then saying it was his wife...jeez... then saying that the shield of truth and sword of justice would protect him or some such nonsense (what a wanker!)

Really the only diffence is they tried to bluff their way out and were caught but at least a dozen or so New Labour scandals have been worse but they bluff their way out and nobody has cared...up to now!'re right, but New Labour are getting into a bad recurring habit of Police interviews!

Span Ows said...