Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars over...

Well my Oscar Overture had more hits than I thought! My "guesses" for screenplay, sound and of course Ratatouille all came in (no contest for the animated movie really). The rest was pretty well fore-told but I was surprised by Tilda Swinton's award, not that she wasn't really good as the 'white bitch' Karen Crowder opposite George Clooney's Michael Clayton; however she may need to be careful in selecting scripts to avoid being type-cast: hard, white bitch from cruel White Witch (Narnia) with the odd short drama in between - 'Julia' looks a good bet too: out this month (I think) French writer-director Erick Zonca makes his English-language debut, inspired by John Cassavetes' 1980 film 'Gloria'.

"Director Erick Zonca knew from the start that he wanted Swinton to play the eponymous anti-heroine in his new film "Julia,"... ... "She is a very special actress because she doesn't belong to the Hollywood system."

[Spiegel Online]


Paul said...

It will be interesting to see how inspired Zonca is - Gloria is probably Cassavetes least Cassavetes like film - if you are a film guru (thanks Span) you'll know what I mean. Watching Gena Rowlands takes me back to those teenage Fridays watching arthouse movies - is it any wonder I turned out such a pretentious adult?

Span Ows said...

Pretentious?'s great :-)

Your Juno piece had me thinking I was reading profressional critic 'stuff'!

Paul said...

Ah thanks Span, that's very kind of you.

I agree with your comments about Real Madrid btw - you know I support Barcelona and I must say I loved the look on Guti's face - sorry.