Friday, March 21, 2008

Excellent. I've just been laughing out loud (along with the metal aliens with the Dalek voices) Are these the ten greatest ads of all time? [Times Comment Central] Not in my opinon but there's some goodies: the Guinness and John Smith's are great plus I enjoyed the Necafe 'novella'...(I'm not getting out enough!!) however I think that the ads that stick in your mind are the musical ditties or mottos you remember, For Mash Get Smash is one of those; so is Beanz Meanz Heinz, a Mars a Day helps you work rest and play and Topic, a hazelnut in every bite - "yes , funny how you always remember right at the end". I'm sure more will spring to mind now I've started!


Paul said...

My Uncle had to give a talk on the most important culinary help for housewives over the past fifty years. He had thought of the obvious ones: Kenwood mixer, microwave etc I suggested Baked Beans, so he gave his talk on the impact of baked beans on eating habits over the past 50 years.

Murray Walker wrote the Mars A Day slogan which was later replaced by 'Pleasure you can't measure' when Mars found out they weren't selling enough Mars bars to women.

I worked in a Mars factory during the evenings when I was 15. We used to box Mars, Snickers and Bounty's for the middle east. Britain was the only country that called Snickers Marathons - don't know why. We used to get paid half cash and half goods which me and my mate Mick then took to school to undercut the school tuck shop!

I'm not sure I have a favourite ad, although I am quite taken by the Special K series that features the lady in red!

Span Ows said...

Oh dear I'm convinced you're a mind-reader!...oooh those little red shorts! There's one with a split screen, both lovely 'special K' ladies but the left hand one in red....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

...oh dear...again.

The Great Gildersleeve said...

It still proves the simplest slogans and campaigns are best remembered and probably remain in our affections and how some still coe back decades later and work all over again.

Span Ows said...

You're right Gildy, the easily remembered. Also, more recently the ones with good music or great photography (like the Guinness one)

Of course then there's the tits and 'ass' ads (bit like the special k! Paul), over here they are quite explicit, especially the ones for the cosmetic surgey clinics...soft porn...I mean erotic art!