Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only one Oldham...

Google Maps - OldhamOnly my second time posting 3 stories in one day...I think! I read this first browsing the threads on the BBC Radio 5Live message boards! [link] What's this image? A nice button? No. A child's badge? Not quite. It is in fact the new logo of English town Oldham - the full logo has the town name attached too; in a "down to earth and practical character" font. Not bad; I like it...I do! However, it did cost rather a lot of money... £100,000. [Oldham Chronicle] Of course it may be worth it, especially if it manages to fulfil what's expected of it: "OLDHAM’S brand new identity will soon be unveiled in a bid to create a borough where different cultures can live together in harmony." An altogether noble aim. However I'm not sure whether it's all an exercise to justify the cost or not. The article reports that Mr. Nick Brown, the chairman of Oldham Strategic Partnership, said:

"The younger generation wants to be able to say with pride 'I live in Oldham' and the new brand will be an important step on the path to achieving that wish."

No Nick, it won't. I know they're not the only ones: rebranding has been the in thing for years but one does wonder where it will all end; I suspect it ends when peoples' own money is involved: those spending other people's money will always find ways to spend it.
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