Friday, May 02, 2008

Oreo objicient...

The BBC online Magazine asks: "Can Oreo win over British biscuit lovers?" Well there's a simply answer to that, NO! Certainly not. In fact if they do then I have to say that they aren't really biscuit lovers at all. As the report says:

"...any Brit who has compared a Hershey's bar with a bar of Dairy Milk, will know, the American sweet tooth has a different pitch."

I'll say so...yuck. However, Jocelyn McNulty (Director of UK Biscuits from Kraft Foods) is reported as saying that the reaction in Britain has so far been positive...well, that may well be but I don't agree with her when she says:

Oreo is a bit different. It's dark-coloured because of the high percentage of cocoa in the biscuit and consumers may look at it and think 'That looks different'."

Oreo!I certainly agree re the looking different but the taste in no way indicates a high percentage of cocoa...why do I say that?...because they're black and they don't taste of cocoa! I can think of literally dozens of better bickies presently on the shelves in UK shops. Still, that's my opinion, maybe you'll like them; they're not bad...they're just...not good enough! Still, it may help farmers and childrens' health if the habit of drinking milk with your Oreos is taken up.
Objicient: n. - objector.

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The Great Gildersleeve said...

I've never fancied these biscuits and they've been avaialble in the States for Donkey's years but again it must be felt that the time is right to launch them in Europe.

Or have they been avaialble in Europe already and now it's the UK's turn at last?

There are number of items that taste "different" compared to the American market and sweets and biscuits seems to be one of them.

I tried a Hershey chocolate bar once and wasn't impressed but my American friends liked ours in comparison. Maybe it's an aquired taste.

Span Ows said...

Hi Gildy, yes they've been about for yonks - sort of like Rich Tea or something to the UK.