Friday, June 27, 2008

Olé, olé, olé olé... I can't believe that Spain will appear so good as they did yesterday - although I hope they are - against a disappointing Russian side; also I also can't believe that Germany will be as poor as they were on Wednesday against Turkey - no disrespect to a fantastic and uplifting Turkish performance: my cheer/scream for their second goal (2-2) was the loudest I'd shouted for any goal in any game so far - it's sure be a great final! Viva España! 'Podemos' although I should be saying ¡pueden hacerlo - a por ellos!

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Paul said...

Well done to Spain. Russia looked out of their depth and a bit of bad luck which resulted in Fabregas coming on made all the difference. Spain will never face a more average German side than this one, only Lahm, Ballack and Podolski would get into any classic German side - Spain has to seize the day - carpe diem!

Span Ows said...

I wa sa bit late posting too...recovering! :-)

You're right there Paul...about Cesc as well as Germany, of course they will pick it up for the final but the skill level seems misiing and Klose, although OK ish is a Klinsmann (diving) clone.

I rememebr your post about how they mustn't win (for the good of England!) but that isn't an option now! :-)

Gavin Corder said...

I tittered at Giles Coren in The Times Today:

"But I'm not saying Germans aren't funny. Don't think that. Every time that you put “German” and “sense of humour” in the same paragraph you get into terrible trouble. When I was editing the Times Diary in 2001 I ran a series of “jokes in German” that landed me on the Today programme on Radio 4, sitting opposite the German cultural attaché in London.

After one particularly hilarious quip of mine, the cultural attaché said: “We are not here to make silly jokes Mr Coren.” At which James Naughtie interjected, “Well, actually, he sort of is.”

And we will need all the silly jokes we can muster to deal with the pain of yet another German footballing triumph in the final of Euro 2008 tomorrow. Because they are going to rub it in something rotten. On Thursday morning, after the Boche had won their semi-final, a German friend of mine e-mailed simply to say, rather chillingly: “Ha ha ha.”

I replied, because I was hurt and cornered, that it was handy that the game had been played in “neutral” Switzerland, because it meant the German supporters would be able to pick up some of the looted gold they had left behind last time they were passing through.

“Better still,” my Hun chum replied: “We've got home advantage in the final, which is being played in Austria. Or, as we Germans call it, Germany.” "

Span Ows said...

hahahaha...see, that is funny! Of course they have to beat Spain first but you have to think the Germans are favourites...(whistle) pretending that the Spanish are real underdogs in the second hope that they'll be soooooooooooooooooo dominant and win by miles...this from the guy that predicted Germany 4 Turkey 0...well, I got the winners right! :-/