Friday, June 13, 2008

Oomph! Orange omnibus...

CNN:Brilliant Dutch thrash FranceDouble Dutch! I'll not be a Dutch uncle and there's no evidence of a need for Dutch courage; certainly no need for a Dutch auction or for going Dutch ( ...and I think the English language needs to introduce a positive reference to our near neighbours!) I hope I'm not pissing on their fireworks by posting praise before even the first stage is over but the orange omnibus has driven right over the Football World Cup holders and tonight, in the amusingly named - if you're immature like me - Wankdorf Stadium, they did the same to the World Cup runnners-up; neither Italy or France played badly but both looked like aged, Dutch Elm infested, dead-wood compared to the flexible, whiplike, vigourous saplings that were the Netherlanders; the teams in blue suffered the blues; they were no match for the bright, slick, skillful, fast and tireless zest of those in orange: zij zouden winnaars kunnen zijn. I just hope the Spanish team don't meet them in the next round!

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Paul said...

Spain must not win Euro 2008 at any costs - all English fans realise this and the horror that would be unleashed if they did. It's nothing against the great underachievers of European international teams but it will mean that England will drop to last place on the roll of honour among international countries since their last victory in a major competition.

It could read:

2008 - Spain
2006 - Italy (World Cup)
2004 - Greece
2000 - France
1998 - France (World Cup)
1996 - Germany
1992 - Denmark
1990 - Germany (World Cup)
1988 - Holland
1984 - France
1982 - Italy (World Cup)
1980 - (West) Germany
1976 - Czecholslovakia
1974 - (West) Germany (World Cup)
1972 - (West) Germany
1968 - Italy

1966 - England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spain are currently last on 1964!

Span Ows said...

hahaha...nice one Paul. I have no doubt that they WILL NOT win it. Currently they've been saved by several very good goals amongst poor performances...against worse opposition. Spain have to start playing well and to be honest Sweden were shockingly dire. I thought Russia played better and the 4-1 was very flattering to Spain.

I think I'm right in thinking that the Dutch meet Spain in the semis' if they both win their group (and win the quarter finals)

A Croatia vs Holland final would be nice (and soothe the English hurt to a certain extent!)